He Wears Panties, Now Being An Awesome Community

Hey guys :) Hope again here. (Well, who would it be, I guess.)  Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for everyone who has been so supportive and commenting and being generally lingerie fantastic! I have a bit of a ‘well duh’ confession to make, I missed a lot of the comments that were posted because I was looking for them in the wrong place, which is not very useful, is it? And I was sitting here going ‘why is nobody commenting’? and then I look in the actual comments section and *faceplam* there are heaps and heaps of them.

So there you go, human error wins again.

I hope you all continue to comment and to enjoy the site, I will be posting more lingerie reviews soon, and I am also reinstating the He Wears Panties Forum, so feel free to pay a visit there if you want to chat more deeply with other male lovers of lingerie (and the occasional female as well.)

One thought on “He Wears Panties, Now Being An Awesome Community

  1. codyjo

    glad to see you again, hope. i missed you. staying cool, i trust.
    this is my first time back here & you reopened the forum.
    strange how synchronicity works like that.
    me? still rockin’ my panties & being
    true to myself. loving life.
    be reading you, darling.
    ciao for now ~

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