He Wears Panties Forum Update

I’m really pleased to announce that the forum has gotten off to a great start! Already we have 19 members, and that’s sure to keep climbing as people discover the place. Some new categories have been introduced, they include:

  • Advice (A section for asking for and giving advice.¬† I’ll be frequenting this forum especially, so if you have any questions for me, or other men and women involved with cross dressing, feel free to ask your question there.
  • Stories (A forum to share your stories and experiences with regards to wearing lingerie and women’s clothing.)
  • X Rated (Where all the naughty, adult oriented stuff goes. Nothing is moderated here unless it is illegal.)

As promised, the first to join have been awarded ‘Panty Vigilante’ status. There will be more forum rewards up for grabs as time goes¬† on.

Come, join free and participate in the He Wears Panties community!

2 thoughts on “He Wears Panties Forum Update

  1. Mikk

    Hey all, I’m back from vacation and ready to get back to sharing stories and advice…just as soon as i find the forum, lol.

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