Guest Panty Bloggers Wanted!

The exciting times continue at He Wears Panties! Yes they do. As you’re probably aware, the forum is back up and buzzing with some lovely volunteer moderators helping out those who need a hand.  It’s a lovely thing to see, but it is only one of the lovelinesses I have planned for He Wears Panties in the coming months!

As you know, He Wears Panties is a site I started for men who wear women’s clothing. For the last three years, it’s pretty much been me pontificating in bloggy fashion about the issue, and the forum is the first step to balancing that equation somewhat.

The second stage is opening the blog itself up a little bit too.  So here’s my plan for that. If you have something to say about any issue related to men wearing women’s clothing (it can be a type of clothing you love, a social issue you feel is connected, your experiences in dealing with partners who have issues with men wearing womens clothing, or not, really, anything at all on the topic,) why not guest post on He Wears Panties?

If you have your own blog or site on the subject, it is a good way to draw attention to your own musings, and if you don’t have your own blog, it’s a good place to have your say about an issue and have it read. He Wears Panties received over 40,000 unique visitors last month and ticked up almost 100,000 page views, so rest assured, if you say it here, people will see it.

If you’re interested in guest blogging for He Wears Panties send me a PM on the forum, or email me: hope-alexander(AT)