Guest Blogger: An Army Man In Panties

Thanks to Paula, who sent this post about his experiences as a man who wore panties during tours of duty in Iraq, and how he came to discover the joys and benefits of being a panty wearer.

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I am a 36 year old straight man that enjoys wearing panties. A little of my background: I doubt that anyone could call into question my masculinity. I had a career in the Army with three combat tours, led convoys around Baghdad, always scored highly on my physical fitness tests, and was in charge of my own platoon. I rose up through the ranks quite quickly, serving in many leadership position. I am also married and the father of two boys that are as into sports as I am.

Nothing about me looks or seems feminine, but just like others that have posted here, I had been frustrated with limited options of what was being sold/marketed for men to wear. I hate boxers in that I want support for my parts, and just can’t stand the look and feel of tighty-whities. I hate the feel of the rough cotton that we are limited to. Not only that, but there is no variety whatsoever in men’s underwear. After looking and looking, I was able to find some underwear made by Marona that was a micro-fiber type material. I started wearing those, but was still limited to black, white, and dark blue…that’s it. Let’s see, what should I wear today? Oooohhh, I get to choose from three. :( Kind of like when I was in the military: What should I wear today? How about green!

I discovered panties quite a few years ago when my wife as a joke, dared me to wear a pair of hers. I was hooked. They felt good, they supported me well, and I must admit, I got turned on as well. Throughout the years, she has gone back and forth on if she likes it or not. For a while we even shopped for panties together for me, and allowed me to wear them to bed along with a nightgown. Interesting, she “allowed” me, since when should me have to be “allowed” to do something? However, she is now totally against it, she does not like any bit of it even though I wish I could wear them 24/7. I have to actually hide the fact that I wear them, which I hate having to lie to her. BTW, if there are any women reading this that refuse to let your husband wear panties and lingerie, you are only forcing them to lie to you.

Not only do I love the feel and look of panties, but being the military had made me aggressive, combative, and assertive. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not. Wearing panties under my uniform was a good way of calming me down. At one point in the military, I almost had a breakdown where all the expectations of my family, my soldiers, and society got to be too much. I felt that I was carrying the burden of our nation on my shoulders, and along with that, my family. When people see a soldier they expect them to be the protector, the one to fight for the nation, a perfect example of manliness. Society does not allow a male soldier to show feeling, any kind of softness, or any type of weakness. That is a lot to carry on your shoulders. I don’t know when, but I started wearing panties once again under my uniform, and every once in a while, a bra or camisole. With our uniform tops, it was easy to hide. I didn’t wear a bra or camisole while deployed, but still wore panties.

A curious thing started happening. My soldiers told me that I was more approachable, my leadership style was more fair and balanced, and that I was able to listen and understand their problems that they brought to me better. The stress started melting away and I was able to function better. I became a better father and husband. So even though I love wearing panties due to the variety, feel, and the overall sexiness of it, there are some great side effects from wearing panties!

4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: An Army Man In Panties

  1. Gr8legs

    A couple of interesting points there, Paula.

    The first one that stood out to me was “she “allowed” me, since when should me have to be “allowed” to do something?” It is interesting how many lingerie wearing ment comment on whether or not their partnes “allow” them to wear their panties etc in their presence.

    I don’t recall my ex ever asking me for my permission to “allow” her to wear boxer shorts, or a cotton men’s singlet on a summer’s day, or to wear a T-shirt under her clothes for warmth in winter. She would, out of respect, ask my permission if she wished to borrow any of my clothes, but never seemed to require permission to wear male underwear. She would, however, make it clear that she wasn’t happy about me wearing pantyhose under my long pants without her prior approval.

    The other point of interest was the comment:
    “My soldiers told me that I was more approachable, my leadership style was more fair and balanced, and that I was able to listen and understand their problems that they brought to me better.”

    This is a perfect example of the wearing of lingerie allowing you to “get in touch with your feminine side”. In other words, for many of us, lingerie performs the role of an avatar, allowing us to express the softer, gentler “feminine” aspects of our personalities.

    These points have discussed in some of my comments on the Hub pages and are amongst the subjects and which will be covered a little more in an upcoming posting on this site. “Last Week I Made Friends With My Anima” is a personal account which covers some of the sociological and psychological issues involved in crossdressing.

    Good post, Paula, thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Tomara

    Hi Paula
    Great story and THANK YOU for serving our country !
    Sorry though that your wife isn’t accepting of your desire to wear panties , maybe she should try wearing some tidy whiteys for a couple of months in the desert and maybe she would understand why you and many others of us like the comfort of women’s panties.
    I hope you can come to a understanding with her on this issue so that you don’t have to hide and be dishonest about something so trivial.

    I am one of the lucky ones , when I met my girlfriend I told her about my cross-dressing and the short story was that she said it’s only clothes and if it makes you happy wear whatever you like !
    I too feel more calm and focused now that I wear panties all the time and I don’t have to worry about what my partner thinks about what I am wearing.

    Good luck to you !

  3. Smokymtn7

    First of all, I want to thank you for serving our country! Not one, but 3 tours in the middle-east! Who says real men don’t wear panties? I’m sorry your wife turned so against your dressing. Do you have any idea what went into that change? Is she afraid you’ll go gay or something? Some folks honestly don’t understand the difference between straight men that dress and gays (which in the great majority do not.) I totally understand your comment about being calmer and less aggressive when at least wearing panties. It works the same for me. I read a lot of comments from other posters about feeling a calmness when they slip on a pair of panties. I guess we are pretty normal that way. Anyway, hope things go well for you and thanks for posting your comments. Best regards, Smoky

  4. Zeta

    A great post! But so sorry that the wife has turned against panty wearing. It’s difficult to understand an intelligent wife getting hung up like this, but human nature is complex.

    Thank you Paula and Hope.

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