Garter Belts For The Manly Man

Every manly man occasionally needs a place to hang various tools and gadgets. Sometimes, a man will wear a tool belt for this purpose, but wearing a tool belt out in public can result in unsolicited requests to fix things, and depending on your location and terror level alert, arrest. Most things worn on a tool belt could easily be used for malicious purposes and as nobody trusts anybody anymore, tool belts should only ever be worn in the privacy of your own home, with all the curtains drawn so that no passersby look in your windows and feel threatened.

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Behold some lovely garter belts…

4 thoughts on “Garter Belts For The Manly Man

  1. Nododytheyknow

    Always a great option, and better than stay up thigh high’s, but for some damned reason, I can never get the clips to hold the stockings up on the back. Guess I need more pratice. Hmmmm

  2. Hope Post author

    It does sound like a practice issue if you can get the stockings to clip at the front, but not the back. Either that, or your stockings are slightly too small and pulling more at the back than the front. Try going up a size if you think that could be the issue.

  3. Nobodytheyknow

    Stocking size doesn’t appear to be the problem as I can wear the same size in a stay up thigh high with absolutely no problem. It;s the silicone clasp that causes me a problem. Getting it to seat right in the ring. It’s a practice thing. Also doing this while not snagging the stockings with callused hands doesn’t help.

  4. Hope Post author

    Well, practice makes perfect! If you have another garter belt, you might want to try that to see that there’s not some sort of malfunction with a particular garter belt.

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