Frou Frou Crotchless Plus Sized Panties

pink plus size panties for men

These panties are plus sized, so you know you’ll be able to fit them, all over lace and mesh, so they look both sexy and cute at the same time – and they’re crotchless, so there is more room for activities. These panties are basically a triple win topped with rose floral accents. Oh, and there’s something just a little bit sissy about them too – if you don’t like the connotations that the tern ‘sissy’ has, think of it as ‘classic’. It’s pretty much the same thing as far as I can tell. In fact, sissy fashions are so close to period clothing that there’s really no difference between a sissy cross dresser and someone with a passion for historical re-enactments.

Frou Frou Crotchless Panty Plus