3 thoughts on “Found on the Internet…

  1. Leah

    Humans are funny animals. We extol the virtues of independent thinking and urge our fellow citizens to find their own way but then slam the door in the face of those who do.

    You do make me feel militant though Hope. There are times after reading your blog I feel like taking to the streets and kicking some societal ass, which isn’t easy in heels.

  2. Mikki

    I guess it is always up to those who have the least to risk to risk the most. Those who are young and not yet bound by commitments made before understanding their needs are free to rebel and push back the whiplash of society. Those who have found the daylight through either their own bravery or as a courageous response to being outed by circumstance or others, they must also rush to the front lines of our social boundary and demand the rights for all to express themselves as they wish. While I am firmly in the dark of the closet, I know the dice may roll against my door at any moment and expose me for what I am. At that point I hope to find the courage to don my finest lingerie, my best skirt, and my most comfortable heels and join in the conflict. Until that time, please understand and forgive my weakness and don’t scorn my quiet support.

  3. John

    I printed this for my wife. It is so true of both of the genders. We are so focused on the male role, we forget that the female role is being attacked daily too. Thanks goodness for my wonderful wife. I think the reason she understands my crossdressing, is that she (none CD) has to face this daily as a female. More power to my wife!!!

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