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Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby rocn4fun » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:24 pm

hi its been a while and i have dropped in too view the qus n expierances in the site i looked at my 1st post on the trying on panties and haaaha sorry yea i rember it well no lie a bit buzzed well i be human too hahaha so w/that in history i did flip a coin the other day and ended up doing some panty purging as i had too go pick up some new fresh pairs as well as get rid of some when you can count a hundie undies some need too go ? and off 2 macys just for one thing panties and hoping 4 a sale as they have one or more going and its all about the approach you cant stall you have too dive in , as the sales people see you comming and so do the regulars guys and girls we are all thier 4 1 thing lingerie yes they will ask if you need asst. in selection yea,but cornering a sales rep into viewing you no not good best too be on track with help in size colors & patternf last but not least the texture ;cotton nylon satin ect as to i wouldnt even ask w/ is store policy on trying on new under garments and worse asking for them too view you you can probabily get into as well as asked to leave and those of us guys that go and buy pantys and bras just lingerie id hate too be in there when they call security on them ? so lots and most lingerie depts do have a thin paper panty or soft material panty that you can ask for i have asked and given a few pairs and you can keep them and they offered these too me and i wanted too try a bunch of panties this time and didnt mess around in the room with a nice three piece angled mirror damn thats tough !!!! one rep came back there too ck like im rippin them off we bolth laughed and ten or so i exited with my keepers and some nah not 4 me the rush was great as well as time too go with 10 pairs of vanity fair lace nuvoe xls so thats what i call a funn field trip in and out look for what i know will fit my likes spend the time too get what i like and get the hell out !!!!!!!!!!! rocn4fun

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby knickersnickers » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:32 pm

Those sales associates who were in the department doing inventory, straightening up the racks, etc. are there to help customers, including you. They will answer your questions and show you any items in the stores. You are helping them by breaking up their possibly dull routine. They like men and they like to be helpful.

If you were in a grocery store, would it bother you to ask where the pickles are? The clerks in the ladies wear department know their store and are quite willing to help you. They much prefer helping someone find an item than they are picking up after them and replacing things on hangers and back in their packages. They can accurately tell you what size to look at and since they have served other men, they have a good idea about what would be a comforatable fit, style, and fabric.

If it still bothers you, then try an out of town store where you will never have to meet the person again unless you want to. You must realize that you are on surveilance cameras even before you enter the store and after you leave.

They don't care whether the panties are for you, your wife, sister, or mother. It doesn't make any difference what age the clerk is either. They could be 19 or 69 years old.

I thought it was a bit odd when I was invited to try on some different panties. I bought them and one of the reasons was that I felt obligated to buy underwear that were worn by me. I would not want to buy panties that someone else had tried on. It may have been the clerk was testing me to see if they were for me.


Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby vfpanties11 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:36 pm

My personal thoughts on Trying on Lingerie at a Store

As a man, I would never, ever entertained the thoughts of trying them on at the store for any reasons whatsoever. I feel very uncomfortable doing that and its best to someone to measure you to get your size down pat. The easiest way is to go to any dry cleaner place (they do alternations) and for a nominal fee (in a ballpark of $5.00 or less) they can find out your chest size, waist, and anything you need to know and they will be happy to write it down for you.

Armed with that knowledge, you can pretty much get a general picture of what size lingerie you need to buy. That's why I don't bother buying bras for myself because its too complicated for to buy and I still thinks its silly for me to wear them. I have nothing against bras on men. But, I think they are the most impractical lingerie item to wear on a daily basis.

I really feel its not a good idea to go to any store whether its Victoria Secrets, Kohl's, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, and any other store that sells lingerie to the general public to try on with intent to buy it. I feel very uncomfortable doing this and that's why I prefer having my girlfriend buying it for me. I do buy my own panties when I do need to get new ones and I know my preferences are and my size ... that's makes it really easy for me.

In the past two weeks, I have been playing catch up on many new threads and this thread caught my attention and I do enjoyed reading the various posts here and I understand the many problems that all of you endured. But, facts the matter is that I feel that men should not be trying on lingerie at any store because its can backfire on you and you maybe face incredible embarrassment on your part and that's why I HATE putting them on the store. I did that many years ago when I wanted to purchase a satin pajamas that has satin material on the outside and fuzzy cotton on the inside to wear for the weekend with my former girlfriend Sandy.

I was sneered at and they wouldn't accommodate so I walked out the store and left six pairs of panties on the counter and did not pay for them. That's is my first and last time I tried to do this.

I would think twice about doing this and I wanted to get this out of my chest and let everyone here my feelings about trying on lingerie at any store period.

That's all I have to say on this matter. BTW, this is a good topic matter that was originated by pantie12.

Pantie12 ... you did good with this!

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby OfCorsetIs » Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:16 am

I disagree with you VFPanties. I've tried on lingerie in stores before, in fact at Fredericks the salesgirl was who suggested I try stuff on and even, again initiated by her, stepped into the dressing room to lace up my corsets so I could see how they looked on me when I was wearing them properly. I don't usually try on lingerie when I buy it, when I go to Victoria's Secret to buy my panties, I know my size so I buy accordingly, but I've had times when I was between sizes during my weight loss and I wasn't sure, and I tried some on.

Where I think I find a problem with the OP is that it seemed like the desire there was more about having the SA see one's self in the lingerie. There are mirror's in the dressing room, you can look in them and see if something fits or not. In the case of Frederick's, the girl came in specifically for the task of lacing my corset, and I made sure to leave my pants on while she was doing so, rather than stand there in just a pair of panties with my bulge on display.

I think there's a big difference between tastefully trying things on to see if they fit and using dressing rooms to finagle an unwilling participant into an exhibitionist fantasy when she's just trying to do her job.

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby vfpanties11 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:46 am

OfCorsetIs wrote:I disagree with you VFPanties. I've tried on lingerie in stores before, in fact at Fredericks the salesgirl was who suggested I try stuff on and even, again initiated by her, stepped into the dressing room to lace up my corsets so I could see how they looked on me when I was wearing them properly. I don't usually try on lingerie when I buy it, when I go to Victoria's Secret to buy my panties, I know my size so I buy accordingly, but I've had times when I was between sizes during my weight loss and I wasn't sure, and I tried some on.

I will be frank with you, I just don't understand exactly what you are conveying here. Your post does not make any sense to me and because of this subject matter ... I'm very UNCOMFORTABLE trying on lingerie or panties at store for ALL REASONS alone.

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby vfpanties11 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:56 am

Dear All Members,

For the Record, I do not try on lingerie and/or panties at the store because I'm very uncomfortable to do this period. Because its underwear folks and to me, If I tried on a full slip in size 52 (that is my size) and I find it too small that slip in my mind can't go back to the racks to be sold again. If I were the Manager of the Store ... I would have two racks and that full slip has to go to RETURN RACK to be re-sold again; before to be re-sold again ... its needs to be WASHED first and MARKED down because its BEEN PREVIOUSLY worn by a CUSTOMER (ME) in attempt to buy it.

That is why I hate going to the STORE to try on lingerie for any practical matter. That is why I stick with one BRAND of panties ... Vanity Fair because their sizing is CONSISTENT and that alone makes ME feels good not having to try it on the STORE.

I don't TRY ON LINGERIE at the STORE because of SANITARY REASONS alone!

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby knickersnickers » Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:09 am

RE: Chickened out

Please do yourself a favor and ask a sales lady for assistance. They know a lot more about lingerie than we do. Think of it like buying auto parts, seek the advice of someone who knows sizes, styles, fabrics, etc. Assume she has seen many men buying these things. She won't judge you, and so what if she does. I told one lady that I am a "stranger in paradise" and she was very willing to help. You can be sure you are being watched by security cameras inside and outside the store. I like to look helpless and let the sales lady do her job of selling to me. I don't try to say I am shopping for my wife or other cover story, they already know and it is a whole lot easier to not try to hide the fact that you like panties because they are comfortable. If there is no sales lady around I will ask for one. They have shown me items I didn't know they had and have been grateful to them for showing me. Tell them what you are looking for and what you like (or don't like). You may or may not like a certain style, color, or fabric. If you are not sure of your size, she may suggest a size or let you try something on.

You are breaking up their day and relieving them from stocking racks or straightening inventory. They like to talk to someone. I like talking to girls and ladies. Girls and ladies like talking to men. I give them a little compliment such as asking what fragrance they have on. They like attention just like you do. Please keep us informed on your next shopping visit.

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby knickersnickers » Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:15 am


I totally agree with you about trying on underwear in a store. I have never tried on panties without buying them. I was asked whether I would like to try some on and told the sales lady I didn't know that was allowed. She said she can't stop anyone from trying them on. I tried some on and bought them. I always wash things before I wear them.

Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby Cali » Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:05 pm

I have mixed feelings on this.
I think there are separate issues that are being mixed.
There the issue of trying on clothing and forcing the sale associate into watching.
There’s the issue of trying it on for fit.
And the general issue of trying on panties altogether, male underwear or female panties.

First, I have been fitted for a bra a Victoria’s Secret, so I have tried on lingerie in the store. And yes VFpanties11, there can be a practical reason for a man to wear a bra. I will PM you the reason I NEED to wear a bra at times.
During that fitting I was helped by the store manager and I utilized her knowledge of the products to find me what I needed. She came in, after asking me if it was okay, to help me get the straps correct. I also showed her at that time what I wanted that was different than the bras she had first brought in. She did a great job, and I got what I needed. She asked if I wanted to try anything else and I said no.

But I just bought 3 pairs of pants and I tried on 5-6 types before picking the ones I purchased. Should these other pairs of pants go on a separate rack once tried on? Women’s clothes are tried on a lot. Bought, brought home, tried with other accessories, even worn to dinner, and returned the next day. What’s the difference between trying on a pair of pants or a slip? The bottom line you should wash all clothing before wearing it for the first time.

As for trying on panties, I don’t it should be allowed. But on the other hand I have a few pairs of thongs that just don’t fit and I wish I had tried them on before. When I told the VS store manager said that, she said I could bring them back and exchange them for something else but I am too embarrassed to do that. My wife brought back a bra that wasn’t right and they exchanged it. Then they cut up the returned bra.
So some stores have ways to deal with this problem.
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Re: Trying on lingerie

Postby OfCorsetIs » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:11 am

It is no less unsanitary to try on a full slip as it is to try on a dress, or even men's pants or shirts in stores, which people do all the time. Technically speaking one should really wash any clothes one purchases before wearing them because they have likely been tried on before you get them. However in the case of underwear, you're supposed to try them on *OVER* your current pair of undies, not naked.


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