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 Post subject: Forum Behavior Rules
PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:52 pm 
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It's a testament to the uncommon maturity of the members of this forum that I've not had to write a post like this before, but as the forum grows, some new issues can pop up. The first of these issues was spam. That's largely been dealt with, but now I'm seeing a new trend and that is inappropriate behavior from some newbies who perhaps haven't caught onto the tone that has been set by the other members.

Under no circumstances will abusive language be tolerated on this forum, that is to say, calling other members names and deriding them is completely not allowed. I have a zero tolerance policy on this and anyone caught being abusive to another member will find themselves removed from the board, no warnings, no second chances. I have a mostly hands off approach to the board, but unlike other areas of the net this is not a free for all where anything goes, this is a place where people can come and be respected and supported.

If you come across a post that you feel is abusive or nasty, please feel free to PM me and I will deal with the issue. Thanks to all of you who make this place such a special and unique one!

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I pulled the post to these rules to another file. I want the Forum Behavior Rules up front and visible, not hidden 5 pages deep. This version is locked. To get to the writable version click here:

thunderpanties wrote:
I hope this wasn't a result of something I did - around the time that this was posted, I responded to a thread started by someone who was talking about habitually stealing items of lingerie from dryers and clothes lines, then putting them on and hiding while watching the owners search for them.

While I do my utmost to avoid passing judgement on anyone (I'm a crossdresser after all, and we already have enough judgement coming my way from society!) I did point out that this was SERIOUSLY crossing the line in terms of behaviour, and suggested he talk to someone about it, lest he end up in trouble. I was away for a few days - family emergency - and when I came back found the thread deleted, and this post about forum behavior.

Anyways - apologies if this was a result of me and my big mouth. :oops:

Hope wrote:
Nope, nothing to do with you. Trust me, I would tell you directly if there was an issue, and anyone who has broken the rules of forum behavior that seriously wouldn't be here anymore. I don't see anything wrong with what you said, you were completely correct and you expressed yourself in a calm and respectful manner. I'm not banning disagreement with this post, I'm banning abusive behavior - swearing and tearing other people down, that sort of thing.

gr8legs wrote:
In response to Yes,Iwearpanties

I think that there are a great many of us, both members and guests who owe a huge debt of gratitude to Hope for what she has done and continues to do with her setting up and running of this forum.

To build upon what Yes,Iwearpanties has written "
that the policies that this forum stands by make it the best forum of this type on the net. The non pornographic content policy keeps the stories real instead of degrading them into masturbatory fantasy. The level of thought and experience the members bring is outstanding....
this is indeed the most honest and accessible forum of its type on the net.

I too have visited many other such fora and found the content therein to be distasteful and off-putting to those of us not wishing to read about the fantasies and blatant writings regarding the sexual preferences of others. It has instead grown to be a place where we can share our experiences and give support to others; it is a place where those who are either new to our world, or have been forced to hide their predilictions for fear of ridicule and rejection, can find solace and comfort in knowing that they are not alone and that there are other like-minded individuals "out there" with whom they can share their experiences and find support and advice, or else a sense of belonging.

In Roman times, the municipal forum was a social gathering place of great significance and the scene of diverse activities, including discussions and debates. This forum has grown to be just such a place for our world-wide community, a place we can visit as frequently, or infrequently, as we wish and a place of lively debate where we can express ourselves and share our experiences in anonymity without fear of ridicule or rejection.

The forum grew from Hope's original Hub Pages, to a large extent as a result of the comments written therein by like-minded souls who felt they had finally found a champion for their cause. Today, however, it is those same contributers to the Hub Page articles, along with the many new travellers who have joined our band along the way, who keep the forum live and stay true to the spirit of the forum as set out by Hope at its outset.

I personally feel it is both a privilege and an honour to not only be an administrator for the forum, but also to be a part of our growing community who, in one way or another, are taking the message out there that "It's OK to be you....."


Hope wrote:
I have to say that what makes this forum really amazing is the people who post here. I just stomp on the occasional outlier who doesn't quite understand what this place is about (and it's a very occasional one that makes it through, literally one or two since the forum started). There are many who have been reading and commenting since I wrote on Hub Pages and I can't thank those people enough because they've shaped it to be the place that it is. Gr8legs is completely right - this forum wouldn't exist without you all and it certainly wouldn't be nearly as much of a joy to run.

Again, to get to the writable version click here:

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