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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:07 am 
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Here's a thought: What about sharing our most intense panty shopping experiences? I have had some with my wife, when she is "in the mood" and willing to indulge me. I have a real thing for panty shopping. Just being in the lingerie department gets me excited. I have this thing about a combination of arousal and embarassment that triggers something from long ago; being a boy and shopping with my Mom while she browsed and bought clothes for herself including lingering in the Intimate Apparel section. Then, I guess this excitement was enhanced by my own "fantasy shopping" in the Sears and Penney's catalogs that would come to the house.

Here's my most intesne true panty shopping story: (I do feel guilty about this, but there was no sex involved.) I was going to be out of town for work for a week in a city far from where I live. I made contact with a ProDomme and we communicated back and forth by email about her taking me shopping for panties and making it obvious that they were for me. She agreed, I met her at a mall. She told me where to be standing waiting for her and had told me to be wearing a thong. I paid her for 3 hours time. We first sat and talked and she asked questions about what I wanted. She agreed to a plan that she would take me into various stores, say that I was her husband and she was tired of me putting on her panties and tearing them or stretching them out, so it was time for me to have my own. We went into several stores, from VS to department stores. She held panties up to me, made loud comments about "teaching me a lesson" and things of that sort. When salesladies approached, she would straightforwardly say that "her husband" needed some panties, or needed a panty girdle, or needed a bra, etc. She was a wonderful actress, and enjoyed some chuckles with salesladies who (most of them) seemed to enjoy finding things for me. If the saleslady engaged with her, she went into embarassing detail of why and what. If they seemed distant or uninterested, she backed off. I bought panties, a couple girdles, stockings, a couple bras, stopped by a cosmetics counter where she told the story to the beautiful girl at the counter as I stood nearby holding a VS bag, and then she picked a sample perfume and sprayed it on me.

All in all, this played out a fantasy I'd had for years; to be brought shopping and for it to be openly discussed amongst the women that I was being outfitted with women's underthings. Mid-way through the time together, she had me go to a men's room and change into a bra and panty set, and bring her the "old" panties I had been wearing in the barg to show her that I'd changed. She put her hand on my back and laughed as she felt the bra straps. That was the only physical contact we had.

At the end, we sat down for coffee, she discussed what we'd done, asked me if it met my fantasy, I thanked her, we shook hands and parted.

This was about 15 years ago. I do feel guilty about it. On the other hand, I treasure having had this experience. Wish it was with my wife. Would I do it again? Hmmm? Well, I haven't, but I've thought about it often. nancy

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:37 am 
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That was a great story. I had girlfriends that would take me shopping and buy me panties. My wife never has though. She says i do a good enough job on my own "sigh". On the rare occasion that we were shopping and went though the lingerie department for her I would say it is like having a "sherpa".


PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:52 am 

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I like to read about shopping stories, so I will share 2 that happened to me. My wife knows and accepts that I wear panties.

1. A few years ago we were Chistmas shopping. I wanted to go to the Victoria's Secret store to look at panties for me and she wnated to finish gift shopping. So we decided to split up and meet at a restaurant for a late lunch. The place was busy and we ended up seated in the bar. She saw the Victoria's Secret bag and asked what I had purchased. As I started to tell her she said in a fairly loud voice, just open the bag and show me your new panties. A few heads turned. I decided she was playing a game, so I opened the bag and took out 4 pair of panties. She held up each pair and looked them over. By then several people were following our conversation. When she was finished all 4 were on the table. Then she picked up 1 pair, held them up and turned them around and said I think these will look best on you, why don't you go and put them on. By noe, a lot of people were following our conversation. I carried them into the mens room and changed. When I came back she told me to turn around and she pulled the back of my jeans to see that I was wearing the new panties. Then I sat down and we enjoyed our late lunch and listened to what others were saying. The shopping trip had a totally unexpected ending.

2. I was shopping in another Victoria's Secret store and I had answered a clerk's question about buying a gift saying the panties were for me. She continued to help me and I picked out several pair of panties. As I finished buying the panties a woman came up to me and said she had overheard me talking with the clerk and wanted to know if I was really buying panties for myself. I was surprised but said yes. Then she asked if I would do her a big favor and give some advice on what to consider because she wanted to buy panties and bras for her husband. I told her I couldn't help with the bra selection because I didn't wear them, it was probably best to get the smallest cup size she could. Then I gave her a few suggestions on things to consider in picking out panties for a guy. I also said to her why don't you just buy panty styles that are similar to what he already wears. I was totally shocked when she told me he doesn't know he was going to be wearing panties yet. She had already cut up his male underwear and when he opened his underwear drawer in the morning all he was going to find was panties and bras and she would be there to watch. He might not have to wear a bra to work, but he sure would be wearing panties. I didn't ask, but still wonder what he did and if he was happy or not.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:44 am 
Hi, bareandthongs and nancybali, I was happy to hear of your great shopping trips. I am glad that you both have been able to enjoy some exciting adventures in panties.
I have had a few trips out and about while shopping for panties that have created memories that will stay with me for ever. My most memorable trip, however, was when I was shopping for a dress. My wife had challenged me to find a dress at a consignment shop. I have posted on "showing panties" in the general comment section of this great forum about the challenge she issued to me. The first shop I visited on a Monday a few years back went well. The friendly female staff member helped me find some dresses to try on and got a kick out how obediant I was being to my wife. Of course she saw that I was wearing panties when she assisted me with zipping up the dress, but she did not say anything about her discovery. She just remained pleasant and helpful. The next shop I visited was a fairly new one to our town and the owner was obviouly new to the area as well. She was also helpful after hearing about what I was shopping for but carried herself a little differently with me. She made a comment or two about it being my duty to carry out the assignment and began to control the selection of dresses she took off of the racks for me to try on. After she had selected three dresses for me to try on, she led me to the corner of her shop where she had a small curtained dressing area. I went into the small area and she closed the curtain behind me while telling me to let her know when I was ready for her to zip me up. I did as instructed and she opened the curtain, zipped up the dress then had me step out to look at myself in the mirror. I blushed a bright shade of red while she adjusted the dress on me while stating how cute I looked. After she was done with me she led me back to the dressing area and this time rather than closing the curtain behind me, she simply stood there and started taking the second dress I was to try on off of its hanger and looked at me and told me to slip out of the one I had on and hand it to her. I was almost in shock but before her very eyes, I slipped out of the first dress, handed it to her, then took the second dress and put it on. As we headed to the mirror area she made a comment to me about my cute panties. She had me try on the third dress in the same way then she chose which one I was to buy. As I was paying for the dress, she told me that I had a lot in common with her husband and that he was completely under her control. She put her email address on the back of one of her bussiness cards and asked me to give to my wife saying that she would like to meet her. Unfortunately my wife was against meeting her saying that she wanted to keep our little secret and not take a chance of letting it out.
When I visited the ladies shop a month or so later, she was not nearly as friendly and told me that she was disapointed that my wife did not want to meet and that she saw no reason to play any games with me. She even asked me if I was really even married.....
Even though things ended up as they did, I will never forget the shopping trip.

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