Flexees Panties For Men

Flexees is all about control. These are people who make panties that rise from the tops of one’s thighs to just under one’s bust. They are shaping panties, but being shaping doesn’t put them out of the lingerie arms race for comfort and style. Take these Decadence panties for instance. They may not look overly decadent at first glance, but it is the fit and feel that makes people rave about the soft smooth joys of panties that not only make them look their best, but feel amazing in the process. I love the fact that there’s something just a little gym short about these panties, and the beige piping gives them a little retro touch as well. Men who like to wear panties without drawing vast amounts of attention to themselves in the process will probably like these as well, once on, whose to know you’re not just channeling the spirit of great 1980’s cricketers?

Flexees Decadence Tailored Hi-Cut Brief