Five Reasons I Love A Man Who Wears Panties

Men from all walks of life wear lingerie, and no two are ever the same, but when I meet a man who wears panties, there are some traits I almost always find. Here are some of the reasons why I love men who wear panties.

1. A man who wears panties is a man who is demonstrating he not only knows how to think outside the box, he lives outside it. Men who wear lingerie are making a conscious choice to do something different with their undergarments, there’s a creativity and freedom to that choice which often extends far beyond the panty line.

2. A man who wears panties is a man who makes sensuality part of his every day. Lingerie is a garment for the senses, so a man who wears lingerie is likely to be more sensitive physically and often, emotionally, than one who barely notices what is on his body.

3. A man who wears panties is a risk taker. Yes, it’s current year, and self expression is more popular among certain sets, but a man wearing panties is still a man taking a risk a lot of the time.

4. A man who wears panties is a man with taste. Men who wear panties don’t throw on any old thing. They pick the panties they wear and buy with care. They bring their aesthetic sensibilities into their every day lives in a very intimate way.

5. A man who wears panties is a man much less likely to judge. If you have some little quirk or kink, a panty wearing partner is often a great accomplice in and out of the bedroom. His openness to trying new things, and his ability to understand that things that might seem ‘odd’ to some are ‘HOT’ to others is a major asset.