Feel Good Panties | Vanity Fair Nylon Panties For Men

ravissantWhen you talk to men who love wearing lingerie, one brand comes up time and time again, Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is not one of the showiest brands, nor is it the most feminine from an aesthetic standpoint, but it is undeniably one of the most comfortable and incredibly soft brands with designs that lend themselves well to being worn by men.

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One thought on “Feel Good Panties | Vanity Fair Nylon Panties For Men

  1. dane

    Panties are great to wear. Nylon is the best. But at night i prefer a nightgown. I have always had to wear a women’s nylon nightgown, but I found this site- nightgownsformen.com that has nylon nighgowns in a gender neutral design. My wife is glad that I ordered 2 of them, black blue, because she has never been happy with me wearing women’s clothes. ( I would have liked to have ordred the fuscia and lavender- but she said she would rather have me in darker colors)-OH WELL!!

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