FALL IN! Commando Lace Low Rise Thong

For  men who are commanded by panties comes the commando lace low rise thong, an incredibly sexy, nigh undetectable pair of panties that not only make themselves scarce, but look sexy doing it. The pair you’re viewing are the Grey Leopard Commando panties, however these panties also come in a range of basic colors, in which the lace is dyed to match, so as to keep itself a secret. In addition to the Grey Leopard, you can also wear the Brown Leopard, which also comes with black lace.

But colors are incidental to the true genius of these panties, what really makes these panties special is the raw cut technology that means no panty lines and no muffin tops. These panties will not define your body by cutting into any fat reserves you might have, they will conform to it in the most pleasant way possible.

The Leopard Commando Lace Low Rise Thong. Rawr innovation.

Go Commando! (Buy these panties)

2 thoughts on “FALL IN! Commando Lace Low Rise Thong

  1. Putri

    Hope, would you mind to write article about woman’s wedding dress for man? I imagine it will be real, so man should also feel the complicated wedding dress like woman.

  2. Yendor

    I’m not sure that most men would find these panties comfortable for various reasons. First they’re thong back which means the material through the legs probably wouldn’t provide adequate coverage or support for the testicles. Second the V front probably wouldn’t hold the penis in place very well. Most men experience erections throughout the day which means the crown of the penis would peek over the top of these panties. Third the price is sort of prohibitive since you can buy 2 or 3 more suitable or nicer panties for the price of one of these. My wife bought of some V front panties once and they ended up be her panties and not our panties for the above reasons.

    I think an idea “Manly” panty would provide adequate to modest coverage in the back, be either a brief, bikini or hipster style and consists of neutral colors such as white, beige or even black (not my favorite color) since I’m not into too flowery colors such as pink, reds or prints. Just my thought on these and I’m sure other people will feel different on this topic.

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