Exotic Panties For Men

glow in the dark panties

So you have hundreds of panties neatly tucked away in dresser drawers specially designated for the holding of your extensive lingerie collection. Perhaps you think you own one of every kind of panty in the world. Perhaps you think that you’ve caught them all and become a lingerie master. Perhaps you have. Or perhaps not.

These panties glow under black lights.

I shouldn’t really have to say more than that because they glow under black lights. As every episode of CSI ever has taught us, only exciting and important things glow under black lights. These are exotic panties indeed, made so not only by their luminescent qualities. Even by the light of day they’re fairly hard to ignore. Vanity Fair and Olga have a surprise coming when this hot little number joins them in the panty drawer!

Neon Yellow Leopard Print Low Rise Scrunch Butt Nylon Panties