Every Man Deserves Pink Cellulose Panties

This is a platform that might not get a politician elected, but it is an indubitable fact that just like every woman is worth it, every man deserves pink cellulose panties. If you can untangle that logic, you get a special prize: disillusionment and probably an existential crisis.

On a more upbeat note, pink panties for men!

Today I’m featuring this pair of pink hipster panties, which probably refers to the cut of the panties, but instead I’m going to go ahead and imagine that it refers to a group of men who were wearing panties before it was cool to wear panties. The little snaps along the crotch line of these put me somewhat in mind of a diaper, but hey, you can’t have everything. It’s a scientific impossibility. These panties are made of 70% modal, which is spun cellulose fiber, which is just downright innovative. They’re also on final closeout. So hurry. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Click here to get these panties, or just inspect them more closely…