Ever Wanted To Change The World Whilst Wearing Panties?

This post has very little to do with panties directly, but a whole lot to do with changing the world for people who need it. Feel free to skip to the next lacy thing if that’s not your cup of chamomile.

If it could be, check out this article on Micro Lending using Kiva, basically you lend some guy or gal in a developing country $25 (along with a bunch of other people), for them to pursue a better life economically through enterprise. Then they pay you back and you can lend the money again or withdraw it for yourself.

For those interested, why not join the group I created on Kiva.org, Panty Vigilantes.  Panty Wearers changing the world, hell yeah!

EDIT:  It took less than an hour for the first member to join and make a loan, how much do you guys rock?! Hm? I’ll tell you how much. More than the moon! $75.00 has already been loaned to various small enterprises in developing countries.