Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Thong

Some very pretty panties here, don’t you agree? They go by the name ‘sheer ribbons’, mostly because that sounds a lot more feminine than ‘sort of pin stripe eh wot’ panties, though I’m not sure the title matters much when you have panties as gently luxurious as these.

The soft, almost gauzey muslin fabric of the main body of these panties is perfectly set off by the rich egg toned lace that surrounds the more delicate center. In these panties, lace becomes something robust, something that borders and protects instead of merely decorating.

There’s not an inch of these panties not dedicated to being aesthetically pleasing, I like to pretend that they are thong panties because what had been designed to cover the derriere was deemed not worthy by some strict lingerie designer herself wearing a hat of black lace.

There is a certain romance in these panties, I’m sure you’ll agree. They hearken back to a gentler time, all the whilst enabling ones derriere to hang free in the breeze, the perfect combination of modern decadence and classical design.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Sheer Ribbons Thong