Elegant Panties For Men

It’s funny, isn’t it, that when you search for ‘elegant lingerie’ you find lingerie that is anything but. I think there’s a certain lesson to be learned there, I’d be more sure but I’ve been thoroughly distracted by crotchless skin tight shiny spandex undergarments. (Closer inspection has revealed that I featured these in black two years ago, but I figure a reminder wouldn’t hurt anybody.)

bong thong for menIn the spirit of truly elegant lingerie made specifically for men, I’d like to suggest these panties, which are very non-elegantly named ‘the bong thong’. The bong thong comes in two colors, black and white and is made of a very nice lace that has been popular with male wearers of lingerie.

Men’s Sexy Stretch Lace Bong Thong



minishorts panties for menIf a thong doesn’t say ‘elegance’ to you, perhaps because of the lack of coverage, allow me to suggest the ‘mini short’, a pair of panties with a vaguely suggestive name and lovely styling.

Check out Mini Short Panties For Men!