Dreamgirl Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll

A babydoll is something longer than a camisole, but shorter than a robe or gown. It’s a little dress like scrap of lingerie that’s designed to hit around about the upper thigh. A silky smooth babydoll can turn the simple act of going to sleep into a slip and slide sensation. This particular babydoll from Dreamgirl also comes with a matching robe so you can cover yourself for a more modest look or let your inner doll shine.

Starting at just $14.95 for the set, this item does come with something of a buyer beware caveat, as it is at the lower end of the price spectrum for lingerie some sacrifices have been made in the name of fabric quality, it is also a rather short item, so if you’re a tall guy you may find that it reveals much more than it covers. This item is probably best suited to those who want to dip their toe into the world of longer lingerie without making significant financial commitment, rather than anyone looking for a long term lingerie investment.

Dreamgirl Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll with Robe Set