Deux Chemise by Natori

A chemise is a lovely piece of lingerie sleepwear that descends from the bosom to the upper thigh with light grace, aiding the transition from the world of wakefulness to the realms of fantasy. Here are two chemises I rather fell in love with, from eminent designer Natori.

(Click any image in this article to see the full garment displayed.)

Lolita Flower Chemise

I was looking for something that blurred the line of lacey lingerie and, well, a dress and I think I’ve found it. The world of chemises is one fraught with collagen and open cups, but this type of lingerie can be sensual and classy too. (Even if they did have to sling the word ‘Lolita’ into the name of the garment just so its peers wouldn’t stuff it into lockers and give it a complex.) It’s beautiful actually, as is most of the lingerie Natori puts out.

Electro Chemise

Whilst I’m at it, I’ll also mention the ‘Electro’ from the same family as the Lolita chemise. The Electro is a little more mature and shows a bit more architecture in its construction. It’s certainly one of the most unique chemises I’ve laid eyes on and I’m sure any man who delights in fine lingerie will likewise be entranced by the way his chest is transformed into something quite transcendent and lovely.