Deny-Vestites – Crossdressing Women

This is an article written by Dusty, a He Wears Panties reader. I think that it raises very salient points and indeed, holds great insight into why some women dress the way they do and would rather poke their eyes out with a mascara wand than actually wear mascara.

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It’s been broadly accepted opinion that nowadays there are virtually no female crossdressers. This conclusion is based on observation that women can today wear pretty much anything without being judged, categorized or even frown upon in the sexual, social, family, maturity or any other value system.

While I fully agree with the latter one, only recently I discovered that I do not agree with the former one. I used to, but not any longer.

You see, I am a male crossdresser. The typical one: middle aged, married, hetero, great in many things, envied by many others, but with that one little “flaw”: I like the feeling and appearance of fine lingerie on my body, of makeup, stockings and those divine, cruel things: heels.

As with many other typical guys in my situation, my wife is NOT understanding. She does know, but she, basically, resents my fetish. Actually, I changed opinion on that one, too. I used to think, and spent quite some time to get myself to the point to admit to myself, that I have a fetish: women’s clothing. Now I started to change the view on that one: it is not ME who is ascribing to clothes some meaning they do not have, I am attracted to them for the feel and look, and that’s exactly what they are made for. It is OTHER PEOPLE who ascribe them some other meaning and value, when they are shocked that a man could wear them, and it is THEM who ascribe some properties to such a man. Properties which have
nothing to do with look and feel, but rather properties like: sexuality, social life, family, … etc.

Now, let’s get back on to the topic of women. Well, my wife not only dislikes to see me in the feminine clothes, she dislikes to see herself, too. Her preferable clothing style is “invisible”: no vivid colors, no unusual cuts, not much body display or enhancement. Simple and utilitarian. Actually, even further to the limits: her style is to minimize, disguise her own femininity. She does not dress as a man, she is not a transvestite, but she deliberately chooses clothes that would not express her femininity. The best way to describe her wardrobe is: as much non-feminine as possible without being masculine.

When this occurred to me recently, I realized that I know several women like that. Actually, you can see them all around you, every minute there will be another one passing by. Now that I wrote all this, it seems to me that she is neither a crossdresser. Perhaps we need a new term, something like deny-vestite, a person who denies her own gender role, without assuming some other role. All those women we see each day who reject any idea to wear vivid colors or clothes complimenting their bodies basically are crossdressers. However, they do not do it for the sake of look and feel those clothes provide them but rather because they disagree with societal stereotypes of what a women should wear.

The good news for them is that everyone seems to accept heir crossdressing without fear, testing, teasing, ridiculing. Something their fellow male crossdressers can only dream to achieve one nice day in deep future.

3 thoughts on “Deny-Vestites – Crossdressing Women

  1. MyFeminineSide

    I would have to agree completely on this one too! My fairly new girlfriend definitely falls into this category as well. In fact, I’ve blasted her a few times when she lashes out at me for my feminine desires while sitting there in a very ugly masculine looking turtle neck, jeans and reeboks! Come on folks, is this a double standard or what? Wow!!

    Maybe one day it will be fair, maybe one day!

    Merry Christmas to all and a Frilly, Lacy, satiny New Year! :))

  2. Hope Post author

    Whilst I don’t agree that these women are ‘cross dressing’ – because I don’t wear lots of ‘feminine’ things either and honestly, it’s almost offensive to say that because a woman doesn’t shove her femininity in her face she’s now cross dressing, I really like the general gist of this article.

  3. Nolyn

    Dusty, you make a good observation. I think my wife fits into the catagory you describe. She tells me that I’ve helped her identify better with her feminity. I on the opposite side of the same coin am glad to be a man, but I wish I could wear more items that are relegated to the “women’s” catagory. If skirts were more acceptable for men, I could easily imagine on any given day that I would choose a skirt to wear and she would choose slacks or shorts.

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