Coquette Ruffle Panty Shorts

If this post had a sub-title, it would be ‘because I wouldn’t shut up about ruffles yesterday.’

cute ruffle panties for men

These very popularly ruffled panties are adorable, aren’t they? They come in red, black, pink and white. With a bow on the backside of these panties, you’ll be looking over your shoulder and into the nearest reflective surface all night long.

The sizing is what makes these panties interesting. They come in a ‘one size fits most’ and then a ‘one size plus’ and an ‘extra small’. It’s pretty clear that the manufacturer got all hopped up on frills and forgot that we already have words for those sizes – ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

They’re also technically speaking ‘shorts’ which means you can wear them as outerwear. Did I just give you the best idea ever? I hope so! You can wear your favorite panties underneath, then slip these ruffle panty shorts over the top. Layering is big among the panty wearing population, and for good reason. It looks great and it feels even better. Ruffle style panties and panty shorts are also excellent for creating and accentuating curves, so if you’re going for a feminine shape and feel, it’s hard to go past the a nice ruffling.

Batman himself recommends these panty shorts with an ardor I find quite charming:

batman buys panties (Click to enlarge image.)

Ready to check them out for yourself?

Coquette Ruffle Shorts with Back Bow