Cheeky Lace Panties For Christmas

We’ll get to the pretty panties in a second, but first, Christmas madness!

December 15th or thereabouts should be remembered as the day that went a bit mental and started putting choking hazard warnings on their panties and noting that they should not be given to children under three. I’d advise not giving adult sized clothing to children under three as a general rule, but it’s nice to see Amazon taking a stand for those challenged by the notion of basic common sense. Now on with the panties, which I can assure you are perfectly safe for adults of either gender.

Jezebel Show Off Cheeky Boyshort


My favorite style of panties, boyshorts with a high rear cut are the perfect fun panty. Actually, they’re pretty much the mullet of lingerie. ┬áBusiness in the front, party in the back! Who’s with me? Everyone, that’s who.

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