Chantilly Lace Garter, Gentlemen?

This garter is just so sweet I couldn’t help but write about it.  Not only is it made from pretty feminine chantilly lace, it is also made to sit up high on the body, which makes it perfect for male wearers of lingerie. If you’re sick and tired of popping out above your panties and garter, I suggest you invest in this garter belt, or one much like it, it will keep you comfortable and caress you all day long.

Her Room says:  This beautiful lace garter features a high waist to conveniently cover any tummy or hip issues. Front panel is made of lace and has no seams. Made of 100% nylon lace. Satin-ribbon waistline for a flattering touch. Garter hooks are covered in satin. Elastic back for custom fit and comfort. Adjustable clasp for all sizes in back of garter. Adjustable garters.


2 thoughts on “Chantilly Lace Garter, Gentlemen?

  1. kimberjim

    That really is a lovely garter Hope, thanks for putting it up for us to enjoy. After seeing this little number I couldn’t help but go over to Her Room for a look-see and was pleasantly surprised with the goodies they have on offer.
    While checking out the garters I managed to get hopelessly side tracked and finished up in the Bra Dept. Mind you this wasn’t at all bad, as I did manage to find two bras that really took my fancy and I stashed them both away in my “I will have to own these come hell or high water” basket.
    Altho quite a simple bra, this would have to be my favorite of the two chosen. Her Room show it in brown but I’m sure it would look even more alluring in black and what’s more, they have it in a 14A…Hoo Ahhhh !

    Timpa Duet Lace Underwire Demi Bra 16449


  2. kfsteve391

    The black lace is pretty and very sexy. I have never had a problem with popping out above my panties and garter. My concern would be popping out below.

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