Lingerie Challenge Accepted: Pretty Plus Size Panties Under $10

There’s been a little discussion on the forum lately about the panties and lingerie I post about here. One reader mentioned that many of the posts weren’t entirely relevant to his interests as he wears larger size panties and also likes to maintain a respectable $10 budget when it comes to his lingerie. That sounded like a very worthy challenge to me, so I’ve collected a few attractive plus size panties under ten dollars, for people who like their lingerie large and their price low.

Torrid Plus Size Black Lace Cheeky Short

I had to go deep for something truly naughty and lacey under ten dollars, but these panties by Torrid came through like the champions they are. Gorgeous and revealing, they’re available all the way up to 4XL for $8.50.These panties come in a range of colors, ranging from hot pink to sweet feminine baby blue with stars, to stripy buzzy bee, to polka dot to popcorn theme. There are a lot of panties in this range, and they have a lovely soft whimsical nature. You can even get them in ‘Hello Kitty’ styles if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Olga Secret Hug Panties

I almost added an additional limiting factor of ‘nothing that comes only in white or beige’ (even if it was a little pretty) because frankly, frumpy plain plus size panties are an insult, to panties and the people that wear them. But I made an exception for these Olga panties, because Olga is notoriously allergic to color in all sizes and frankly, these panties are gorgeous and a total bargain at just $5.00.

Avenue Plus Size Rose Hi Cut Panty with Lace

These panties are somewhat of an unknown proposition, but at $8.90 and running all the way up to size 28, they fit the plus size bill admirably. They’re a hi-cut cotton blend panty, and the hi-cut style has always been popular with men who wear lingerie on account of the coverage the cut offers. They too come in an admirable range of styles and colors, perfect for the plus sized panty wearer who wants a bit of choice.

Leg Avenue Lace Garter Belt w/ Matching Thong

Pretty? Check. Pink? Check. Comes with a garter belt, which was also a request on the forum? Check. Under ten dollars? Check at $9.75.