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A Question of Pr0n

Feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested in matters of p0rn (my terminology is so stealth, I know.) But you see, I had a musing and thought that the community of men who wear lingerie might shed some light on it, or at least find it interesting to discuss.

I notice that there’s a weird dynamic in much of such video material which must surely reflect some fantasy of the target demographic, ie, males.  The dynamic is this: stupid/poor/combination of both woman gets taken advantage of by well endowed man or group of men. It’s pretty rare that you see some material where women are taking advantage of guys – thought admittedly there are a few sites specializing in such material.

But here’s the question… is our ideal of sex a matter of trickery and power? Is this a naieve question? What’s the difference between raw sexual expression and sex within a relationship from the male perspective?

So many questions… you should answer them ;) (In the comments, or email me. I like getting email.)