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Sexy Women’s Socks Men Will Love

toe socksI’ve been receiving quite a few emails recently on the topic of incorporating women’s clothing into male attire. Some men ask how to do it, others offer hints and tips, so I am going to do a bit of a series on pieces of female attire you can work into your male wardrobe without anyone being any the wiser.

We’ll start with the feet today and look at women’s socks.

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Lovely Ladies Jackets For Men

green_jacketA very subtle way to cross dress is to indulge in women’s outerwear which is ambiguous to begin with. Jeans are one type of clothing which can be interchanged between men and women quite easily, jackets are another.

A nice ladies jacket won’t just keep you warm, or make you look stylish, but it will also increase your feelings of femininity as you feel how it is cut.

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The Secret To Success When Shopping For Women’s Clothes For Men – A Woman!

woman-shoppingWhen you’re a man who wears women’s clothing and you decide to actually pursue your desires, you don’t realize what a fashion minefield you are walking into. Women are trained from a young age to navigate the streams, mountains and valleys of fashion, whilst men are often left at home to hit each other with sticks. Thus, as a grown man attempting to enter the world of female fashion, it is easy to get lost, stumble into a crevasse and emerge days later with broken heels and a handbag that most certainly doesn’t match.

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Cute Ballet Flat Women’s Shoes For Men

poppyWhat better shoe for a man who wants to feel light and feminine than a ballet slipper? Not an actual ballet slipper of course, that would be incredibly uncomfortable. No, I mean the women’s fashion shoes known as ‘ballet flats.’

Though ballet flats have seen a resurgence in recent times, they are hardly a new fashion item. Audry Hepburn was said to be partial to a nice pair of ballet flats and was there anyone more feminine than Audry Hepburn on the planet ever? I think not.

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Scandalous Cross Dressing Women

woman wearing a suitI will warn readers in advance that the contents of this hub may disturb some people. It contains women blatantly and unashamedly cross dressing in public places. Some of you might find this improper. Some of you might find it sinful. Others of you might find it alluring. I must ask that you keep your comments respectful, even though decent men and women wear the attire assigned to them by their gender, we must respect the rights of the deviants and harlots who wear men’s clothing.

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He or She? Wicked Women’s Jeans For Men

gorgeous beltIf you’re the type of guy who likes to wear women’s clothes but doesn’t want anyone else noticing, then women’s jeans are an excellent purchase. With the wide range of styles and cuts out there, and predominant fashion trends ranging from baggy ‘gangster’ pants to super skinny ’emo goth’ tubes of doom, you can pretty much wear any kind of women’s jeans you want and get away with it.

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Boyfriend Jeans | Crossdressing Hypocrisy For The Win!

boyfriend jeans twoWeird turned up cuffs too short for your actual leg. Baggy butt and thighs, you kids will wear whatever those tards on ‘The Hills’ tell you to wear, won’t you? Ye Gods. (In other news, get off my lawn.) This is an article on boyfriend jeans, jeans designed to look like a woman wore her boyfriend’s jeans, but awww, they’re so cute and baggy that she’s had to turn up the cuffs and she could be stashing an AK-47 down one leg of the darn things, they’re just that baggy, awww.

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Hot Halter Tops For Men

halter topHalter tops are generally fairly useless for anyone with real breasts over a C cup. Unless you want to wear a strapless bra, which you will spend the entire day adjusting as it slips towards your knees. But if you’re built on a slinky slimmer frame, happen to have invested in silicone breasts, or if you’re a man, then halter tops can look great…

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Bubble Skirts, As Worn By A (Wo)man

tranny wearing a skirtVery few people know this, but the Apocalypse won’t just be all about plagues and famine and tsunamis and other cheerless events. No. The majority of suffering is destined to be caused by fashion, or rather, the lack thereof.

Just as some people claim that Swine Flu and AIDS are signs that the biblical Apocalypse is nigh. (Because the evolution of viruses should always be attributed to a vengeful invisible man in the sky where possible.) I maintain that the bubble skirt is one sign of the fashion Apocalypse.

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2010 Fashion Preview | Harem Pants | Crueler Than Ten Nights In Guantanamo

Clearly the 80’s learned us nothing at all. (Including grammar. We don’t need no education.) Watch this video, then proceed with the rest of the article. Be warned, you’re about to see clothing so retarded you may actually be picked up by mental health services should you happen to step outside wearing it.

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