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Guest Panty Bloggers Wanted!

The exciting times continue at He Wears Panties! Yes they do. As you’re probably aware, the forum is back up and buzzing with some lovely volunteer moderators helping out those who need a hand.  It’s a lovely thing to see, but it is only one of the lovelinesses I have planned for He Wears Panties in the coming months!

As you know, He Wears Panties is a site I started for men who wear women’s clothing. For the last three years, it’s pretty much been me pontificating in bloggy fashion about the issue, and the forum is the first step to balancing that equation somewhat.

The second stage is opening the blog itself up a little bit too.  So here’s my plan for that. If you have something to say about any issue related to men wearing women’s clothing (it can be a type of clothing you love, a social issue you feel is connected, your experiences in dealing with partners who have issues with men wearing womens clothing, or not, really, anything at all on the topic,) why not guest post on He Wears Panties?

If you have your own blog or site on the subject, it is a good way to draw attention to your own musings, and if you don’t have your own blog, it’s a good place to have your say about an issue and have it read. He Wears Panties received over 40,000 unique visitors last month and ticked up almost 100,000 page views, so rest assured, if you say it here, people will see it.

If you’re interested in guest blogging for He Wears Panties send me a PM on the forum, or email me: hope-alexander(AT)

How Many People Are You?

I’ve always thought that I was just one person, and because in Western society we associate multiple personalities with mental illness I assumed that was the way it was meant to be, however, recent events have caused me to look more deeply at this issue.

It would seem that I may have been to hasty to view myself or anyone else as a singularity. Indeed, it would seem that inside every person are a myriad of personalities. This is quite evident when we look at men who cross dress, wear women’s clothing and take on female personas…

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A moment of your time….

If we can pause the lingerie for just a moment, I have a little announcement to make. I’ve recently been made a feature blogger on Soda Head, a site where news and views are shared. If you like my writing, I’d be very pleased to see you over there. My first two posts have been the following:

Should We Legalize Heroin?

What’s Wrong With A Chinese Hymen?

You can help support this by reblogging these posts, tweeting them,  facebooking them, giving them the ol’ thumbs up (called a ‘rave’ on Soda Head) and of course, commenting on the site. Any support is very much appreciated!

I now return you to your lingerie, gentlemen :)

Change Is Afoot For He Wears Panties

Hello everyone!

This is a little post to let you all know that there are some changes afoot at He Wears Panties.  Up until now, most of the articles have been posted over at Hub  From now on, they’ll be posted here. I may elaborate on the reasons for this in the future, but mostly I want to build up this site as a central place for men who wear lingerie and women’s clothing without sending everyone all over the web to do so.

I had turned the comments off because of over zealous spammers, but I will turn them back on (when I remember what I did to take them off in the first place :), so we can continue to have the same brilliant, insightful dialog that we had on Hub Pages. Of course, the forum is also there for discussion in the meantime, and if I can’t work out how to turn the comments back on, I may just link to a new thread in the forum for every article’s discussion.

I hope to do some site redesign, hopefully minor in the coming months. You’ll no doubt have noticed that some additional advertising has popped up on the site. I hope that it is not too distracting. He Wears Panties takes a fair bit of time to run and maintain, and advertising helps alleviate the pressures associated with that. Personally, I don’t care if you never click an ad or buy anything, but if you were planning to and go through He Wears Panties, that helps keep the site going.

If you have any thoughts or ideas as to how you would like to see He Wears Panties take shape in the future, feel free to email me

I’m also  really happy with the way the forum has grown. I do read posts and moderate where I see necessary, but I am by no means omnipotent on there, so do contact me if you have any concerns. Other than that, as far as I can see there is a nice little community being built there and I am very happy to see that!

It’s a pleasure to write for you all, and I hope you continue to enjoy the articles here as much as you did on Hub Pages.

Love :)


Hope’s Sexy Lingerie Wish List

cinderella braI write about lingerie all the time, but what lingerie do I really want for myself? You’re about to find out! This selection has been made exclusively from New Zealand lingerie websites, which stock some lovely lingerie from around the world. He said he wanted to buy me some lingerie, so this is the list my boyfriend is getting, but I thought I’d share my finds with the lingerie loving world too. (It would be such a waste to have compiled this little collection and never have shared it.)

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He Wears Panties Forum Update

I’m really pleased to announce that the forum has gotten off to a great start! Already we have 19 members, and that’s sure to keep climbing as people discover the place. Some new categories have been introduced, they include:

  • Advice (A section for asking for and giving advice.  I’ll be frequenting this forum especially, so if you have any questions for me, or other men and women involved with cross dressing, feel free to ask your question there.
  • Stories (A forum to share your stories and experiences with regards to wearing lingerie and women’s clothing.)
  • X Rated (Where all the naughty, adult oriented stuff goes. Nothing is moderated here unless it is illegal.)

As promised, the first to join have been awarded ‘Panty Vigilante’ status. There will be more forum rewards up for grabs as time goes  on.

Come, join free and participate in the He Wears Panties community!

He Wears Panties Forum

Great news everybody! I’ve opened a forum on the site which will allow much greater communication to take place between readers and me, and the readers and other readers. This comes as a result of user suggestions, and I hope it will be an asset to the He Wears Panties community.

At present time, I’ve left the forum open so that once you become a member, you’ll be able to log in and post as you please.  Stories, pictures, questions for me, questions for the other readers, it’s all possible now! As a special bonus, the first ten members to sign up to the forum will earn the rank of ‘Panty Vigilante’

He Wears Panties Forum

Jared Has a Body By Victoria

jared_number_oneVictoria’s Secret are running a competition called “Body By Victoria.” Entrants submit a picture (or pictures of themselves,) and say why they love their body. Winners are flown to NYC with a friend and get to enjoy a $500 shopping spree at the flagship Victoria’s Secret store, amongst other things.

Jared loves his body, so Jared entered. At the time of writing, Jared was #1….