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Vintage Nylon Nightgowns

nylon nightgownYou’d be surprised what good taste our grandparents had when they were young, that’s what I always say. Nowadays people just slouch around in denim and hoodies, grunting at one another in modified text speak, unable to truly connect with their fellow man sans cellphone.

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Hope and He Wears Panties on TG LIFE

Gina Lance

Gina Lance

This is exciting news! From this month onwards, readers of He Wears Panties will occasionally be able to find a column by Hope Alexander on TG LIFE. (You love it when I talk self referentially in the third person, don’t you. You do. Yes you do! ) What is TG LIFE? It’s an exciting venture headed by Gina Lance, author of Get Dressed! Breaking Out of the Crossdressing Closet.¬† Gina Lance is famous, having appeared on MSNBC, MTV, HBO, NBC, E Channel and even Fox amongst other illustrious places. It’s an exciting time for He Wears Panties, and for Hope. Hope is totally stoked about this.

(This month’s column has already appeared on He Wears Panties, but future columns promise to be fresh and entirely unique to TG LIFE, and I believe them.)

Sexy Sensual Vintage Panties For Men

acetate-pantiesThere’s something so very charming about vintage lingerie. Perhaps it is the way it harks back to a simpler time, before you could program your implanted RFID chip with your mp3 player. Perhaps it is the way that the lingerie from days of olde (a time somewhere between the present and the olden days) always seems to have been handcrafted by tiny Belgian nuns, or disenfranchised Lithuanian princesses, or some such thing. An item of vintage lingerie¬† seems imbued with history, with a story that runs much deeper than the lingerie on offer at your local purveyor of lacy goods.

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Vintage Lingerie For Men

Some things improve with age. Other things aren’t as good as they used to be. Some people might argue that lingerie falls into both these categories, and for those people, vintage lingerie is just the ticket.

There’s nothing like vintage lingerie for rediscovering eras of class, style and sophistication (at least through the rose colored history glasses that come standard at birth). Though modern lingerie certainly has its charms, there is something about old time lingerie that makes lingerie afficionados get quivery at the knees.

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Bloomers – The Lingerie Of Heroes


So here’s an interesting fact I learned lately: many men who wear lingerie don’t just love panties, they also love bloomers. That’s right, those old style, old school pantaloons from days of old. Bloomers were originally named after a woman, Amelia Bloomer, and surprisingly enough they were actually created as part of the women’s rights movement.

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