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Leggy Lingerie | Knee High Stockings For Men

knee highEver wished that you could wear stockings in a way that it still looked like you were wearing traditional masculine attire? Well friends, knee high stockings may just be the droids you are looking for. Knee high stockings, as the name implies, are stockings designed to rise only to the knee. They were originally designed for women who were wearing long skirts and couldn’t be bothered pulling a pair of stockings all the way up their legs (those last 6 or so inches are a killer,) so to save time and energy, the stockings only go to the knee, allowing a lady to look as if she has donned a lovely pair of stockings when in reality she has simply thrown on some knee highs. Scandalous!

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Christmas Stockings For Men Who Wear Hosiery

As kids, everyone loves Christmas stockings. They’re always full of treats which, in hindsight probably only pointlessly contributed toward global warming and the death of the planet as we know it, but at the time seemed quite excellent.  A little pink sticker set? Joy! Plastic animals? Super! More candy than your stomach can humanly hold? But of course!

For some adults, Christmas stockings are now an entirely different proposition. Instead of gleefully feasting their eyes on the fuzzy felt oversized sock nailed to the mantlepiece, some men now feast their senses on the delicate nylon of hosiery.

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Sinful Stockings for Men

Are stockings sinful? If they aren’t some of them should be.  Many men love stockings, and there are plenty of stockings out there to chose from. There are a few kinds of stockings however, that pack a little bit more of a punch than your average pair of sheer black stockings that droop around your ankles before eventually laddering with sheer boredom at their own averageness.

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Stocking Quest | Finding Stockings For Men

sexy_stockingsA vision quest is a journey in which a man or woman goes out in to the wilds of the world to see solitude and discover spiritual truths. A stocking quest is when a man goes out into the retail wilds of the world to discover stockings for himself.

A stocking quest is usually much more fun than a vision quest, which will often involve hallucinogenics, starving a lot and imaging that you’re talking to animals and spirits. Stocking quests will see you wandering the real and electronic malls, searching for the perfect stockings, the ones which you have dreamed of for so long.

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