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Leg Avenue Petticoats For Men

Petticoats are a form of lingerie, albeit not one that is often mentioned in these modern times of thongs and visible panty lines. Indeed, the modest petticoat has in many respects gone the way of the steam engine and polio. However it is still possible to buy adorable petticoats from Leg Avenue,  fluffy, frilly, lace filled garments swirling about your upper thighs. They’re as dramatic as they are feminine, and if you’re looking for something new to adorn yourself with, they might be just the ticket. I’m featuring a range of Leg Avenue petticoats today, from naughty little short petticoats that barely cover one’s derriere, to romantic knee length garments. The links below correspond to the petticoats shown above reading from left to right (and top to bottom for the middle two.)

Three Tier Iridescent Petticoat With Satin Bow Accent (Hot Pink/Black;One Size)

Leg Avenue Women’s Mid-Length Petticoat

Chiffon Petticoat with Sequins

Leg Avenue Women’s Layered Tulle Petticoat

Sexy Silk Camisoles For Men

lace_bust_silk_camisoleThere’s very little in the world prettier or more “innocent” than the camisole, and there’s certainly no material more sensual than silk. Silk camisoles can easily become part of a man’s everyday wear as they are largely unobtrusive under a shirt of any sufficient weight and are certainly completely undetectable under a suit jacket.

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Joe Jonas Dances In High Heels [Video]

Prior to seeing what is probably the best use of YouTube ever in the history of mankind, I had only a vague idea of who the Jonas brothers were.

Male versions of Miley Cyrus, I assumed. Corporate creations designed to mess with teenage hormones and turn teens into purchasing robots. How terribly wrong I was. The Jonas brothers are clearly here to usher in a whole new definition of masculinity. Watch this video. Watch it. You’ll be so happy you did.

Bring the video unto mine eyes!

Top To Toe Lingerie For Men | Body Stockings

sexy_body_stockingBody stockings, hell yeah! Body stockings! If you love lingerie, you will love body stockings. Yes you will. Have you tried a body stocking? Have you? Hmm? If not, add one to your ‘to do’ list. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t know what a body stocking is? Body stockings are, quite literally stockings for the body. They’re not great for women who need support in the chest department, but for men who just love the sensation of sheer nylon, they’re perfect.

Check out the hot bodystockings!

Men In Lingerie, How Far Do You Go?

So here’s an interesting question. How far do you men in lingerie go? Is it a matter of slipping on a pair of panties and that’s all? Or have the panties lead to stockings, bras and other types of lingerie? Has your lingerie been a gateway into a who world of women’s attire? Having sampled the joys of a chemise, do you long to slip into a slinky dress?

Go forth and answer this most pressing question!

Petticoats, Slips and Chemises For Men

petticoatI usually write about traditional lingerie for men, but the truth of the matter is that there is a whole wide world of lingerie out there, like petticoats. And you know what? Petticoats can be incredibly sexy, as evidenced in the picture you see before you.

Want a piece of the petticoat action? Click here…

Five Reasons Why Men Should Not Wear Panties

We’ve gone all topsy turvy!

It has been brought to my attention that some men have been lead astray by the liberal atheist homosexual agenda and wear women’s lingerie. This is a danger to society at large and must be stopped forthwith. Fortunately I have come upon this den of iniquity and am in a position to educate not just men who wear women’s lingerie, but the world at large on the perils of undergarment cross dressing.

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Don’t Be A Slave To Fashion, Be A Slave To Lingerie

Men who wear women’s lingerie face many challenges, not the least of which is the fear (or reality) of cruel jibes from their slavish jockey wearing peers who mistake toeing the unspoken fashion line for true masculinity. If you’re a man who wants to wear women’s lingerie, I would encourage you to ignore the voices of the mainstream and follow your lingerie passions. Why? Because society can never comprehend just how impermanent it actually is, and nor can we.

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The Three Types of Men Who Wear Lingerie

Perhaps not an entirely relevant image, but that's a hot ass in lingerie, and I think we can all get something out of that...

What sort of a man wears lingerie? I seek to answer this pressing question with help from you, the men who wear lingerie. (Also at the same time we get to educate the general community about men who wear lingerie, and hopefully encourage freedom of lingerie for all.)

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Are You Hiding Your Lingerie Wearing?

This is the core issue that made me start writing about the whole topic of men who wear lingerie. Back when I was introduced to the concept, I was also introduced to the fact that many men who wear women’s underwear hide it from their partners and lead shadow lives, hiding a part of themselves that seems to grow and consume them the more it is pushed back into the dark depths of their psyche.

If you’re a man who loves to wear lingerie and also loves a woman who is clueless to the fact there’s a good chance that you spend a fair amount of time agonizing guiltily over your secret and fearing what might happen if the truth were ever to come out.

Believe it or not, life doesn’t have to be that way. Wearing lingerie isn’t the terrible dark secret you might think it is. I can’t guarantee that every woman will greet the news that you wear panties with joy, but I am pretty confident that you’ll be better off in the long run if you’re open about your love of lingerie.

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