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Finding Feel Good Bras For Men

comfortable-braBras for men are no different than bras for women. They have to feel good if they are to be of any real use. Men wear brassieres for different reasons, of course. Some men wear a bra just because it looks hot, or feels hot, and other men wear bras for support. Depending on your reason for buying a bra, your purchase criteria are going to be different. The following tips and hints should be useful for any man considering buying a bra, no matter what the reason is…

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Cute Victoria’s Secret Bras For Men

vintage-victoriaA man who loves bras will soon find that he is spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a bra. Does he want to be sensual? Does he want to be naughty? Does he want to choose a white bra which blends with the sheets and is hard to find after a night of passion? The choices are infinite, but our time here on earth is finite, which means some help in narrowing down the candidates is often appreciated.

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Men In Lingerie, How Far Do You Go?

So here’s an interesting question. How far do you men in lingerie go? Is it a matter of slipping on a pair of panties and that’s all? Or have the panties lead to stockings, bras and other types of lingerie? Has your lingerie been a gateway into a who world of women’s attire? Having sampled the joys of a chemise, do you long to slip into a slinky dress?

Go forth and answer this most pressing question!

How To Buy A Man’s Bra

man-wearing-a-braAn article for women or men buying bras for other men. Did you ever wish your significant other knew what to look for when buying lingerie for you? (You lucky devil.) Point them in the direction of this guide if they’re just not hitting your lingerie buttons with their purchases.  As always,  your feedback is more than welcome.

How To Buy A Bra For A Man

A Guide To Men Wearing Bras


A man wearing a bra isn’t always what it seems. At first glance all men wearing bras might seem to be the same, but there are many different types of bra wearing male, just like there are many fishes in the sea or birds in the sky. Being able to differentiate between the various types of male bra wearers is a useful life skill that probably won’t be included in any school curriculum any time soon, no matter how relevant it may be.

Without further ado, let us gain a basic understanding of the different types of men who wear bras.

Bras For Men | Buying A Bra For A Man

man-bra-combo1Picking a bra for male bra enthusiast can be a challenging task for a first time male bra buyer. This guide is intended to get you started on the path to purchasing a bra for a loved one. It might also be useful for the man who is off to purchase his first brassiere but isn’t sure where to start. After all, the lingerie department is a wonderland of pretty fabric and wondrous styles, but it is easy to get lost in…

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