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Hanky Panky Black Widow Halloween Panties

It’s going to be Halloween in a month or so, and these Hanky Panky panties are a must have for any naughty lingerie outfit. I squealed slightly when I saw them because not only are they cute and lacy (two of my core criteria when it comes to choosing panties) but they’re a little bit dark and deviant and naughty too – all without being outright filthy. If these panties were in a show, it would be a tasteful burlesque show. The only potential downside of these panties is that resistance to ‘builder’s crack’ is futile. Of course, when it’s surrounded by lace, a little cheek cleavage can be a fine thing indeed.

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A Little Lace Skirt For Your Satin Panties

I’m always on the lookout for innovative panty styles, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve found one here with the Blush Starlet Lace Trimmed Bikini Panty. The luscious satin panty comes in red or blue and provides full rear coverage, good news for those of you who like to cover your rear. What really sets these apart from other panties is the lace trim which puts me in mind of a little lace skirt after the 1920’s flapper styles. This is one of those panties guaranteed to make you feel delightfully feminine when you wear it. It also comes with a matching plunge style brassiere (perfect for wearing undetected under everyday clothing.)

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The Natori Shadow Thong

It has been a long and I do mean long time since I blogged on the site, but after a lengthy break, I think I’m ready to return to the serious business of lingerie for men, and lingerie for women that men also wear. I’m starting back reviewing a series of panties I think would work well for men.

The Natori Shadow Thong has slipped its way into my good graces by merit of the sense of subtlety and secretiveness about it. Not all men who wear lingerie can do so publicly, and the shadow thong seems to understand that. This mesh fronted panty doesn’t draw any undue attention to itself.  The thong cut ensures that there won’t be any visible panty line to give you away, but the contrast lace insert in the crotch embraces all things frilly and feminine.

It comes in two colors, black and nude and it’s on sale now for $17.99! Final closeout!

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Pretty Nylon and Silk Sleepwear For Men

Sleep is the time where our dreams take flight, where the constraints of reality fade away, and with a healthy shot of natural DMT, we drift into worlds of new possibility. For men who love to wear lingerie, night time is the perfect time to indulge their fancies with lovely nylon sleepwear.

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The following pieces of lovely night time lingerie are featured in this article:

Sweet Satin Bow Panties

It’s been a while since I reviewed some lingerie on He Wears Panties, and I think that we are definitely past due. Today, I will be focusing the laser beams of my lingerie intent on satin bow panties. Why? Because it has not escaped my attention that men who love lingerie, love satin. And why not? Satin is one of the softest, smoothest fabrics a man can wear. Even the littlest addition of satin transforms an ordinary pair of panties into a sweet delight. These gorgeous panties are all available from Her Room, and if you click on any of the pictures, you will be taken to the product page for that item.

Alegro Flora Jewel Hipster Panty

This pair of panties caught my eye first for the maroon color, which is relatively rare in lingerie, and secondly for the charming lace trim which slips so sensually down the model’s thigh. There’s something very art deco and retro about these panties, and they’re both eye catchingly feminine and utterly delightful.

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Chantilly Lace Garter, Gentlemen?

This garter is just so sweet I couldn’t help but write about it.  Not only is it made from pretty feminine chantilly lace, it is also made to sit up high on the body, which makes it perfect for male wearers of lingerie. If you’re sick and tired of popping out above your panties and garter, I suggest you invest in this garter belt, or one much like it, it will keep you comfortable and caress you all day long.

Her Room says:  This beautiful lace garter features a high waist to conveniently cover any tummy or hip issues. Front panel is made of lace and has no seams. Made of 100% nylon lace. Satin-ribbon waistline for a flattering touch. Garter hooks are covered in satin. Elastic back for custom fit and comfort. Adjustable clasp for all sizes in back of garter. Adjustable garters.


Lovely Supportive La Senza Panties For Men

la senza thongThese panties were recommended to me by a reader, who thought that they might be of interest to other panty wearing men, and I quite agreed with him. At first glance, these black microfiber La Senza panties (in boy leg or thong style,) don’t seem like the typical panty wearing fare of a lingerie loving male.  But there is certainly more than meets the eye here.

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Kiss Me Deadly Girdles and Suspenders

sirena suspender beltLingerie isn’t worth wearing if it doesn’t imply some sort of dire physical threat, at least, that’s how I’ve always felt. It wasn’t until the advent of Kiss Me Deadly lingerie that I felt a lingerie designer truly understood the needs of the dark side of the lingerie wearer.

Fortunately, Kiss Me Deadly isn’t some lame emo attempt at lingerie covered in skulls and crossbones, no, it is fine lingerie with distinctly retro / vintage styling. Once you’ve viewed these pieces, you’ll never look at lingerie the same way again.

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Elegant Elle MacPherson Lingerie For Men

cupcake_lace_gstringElle MacPherson, aside from being one of the original super models that I can remember, has also had a line of lingerie for at least twenty years or so. Unlike most celebrity lines that are conceived in a rash of debt and borderline retarded behavior only to close a few months later when it turns out nobody actually wants to wear someone else’s face on their legs, Elle’s line has not only withstood the test of time, but grown and flourished in a way few might believe.

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Lilly Italia Fine Italian Lingerie For Men

giada_balconette_braSome of the finest things in life originate from Italy, and lingerie is no exception. The fashion lingerie I will be profiling today all comes from one Milan house of lingerie, Lilly Italia.

Lilly Italia has several lines and sets of lingerie, today I will be mentioning items from just three of their sets. Such a small sample, but more than enough to whet the lingerie appetite and give you a sense of what this lingerie company is all about. Giada, Sogini, Luna – these three names are sure to remain at the tip of your tongue and tenderly floating about your mind for hours to come.

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Dark Designer Lingerie | La Perla Black Label

la perla lingerieInternational Italian based brand and lingerie of the stars, La Perla lingerie is that lingerie you buy when you’ve bought all the other lingerie and you’re sick of Kanye West’s panties being more fly than your own. (I don’t know if Kanye actually wears panties, if he did, it is pretty certain that they would be La Perla panties.)

Lingerie that has to be seen to be believed…