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Lovely Silky Smooth Lace Camisoles For Men

I do like a man in a camisole, probably for similar reasons that men like women in camisoles. That lovely smooth fabric (especially if silk or fine nylon) sliding over skin is a sensual pleasure like no other. Panties are lovely of course, but a panty / camisole combination provides so much more scope for slip and slide fun, especially if both parties are wearing similar lingerie. And the lace trim? Well that’s the cherry on the top.

Farr West Silk Charmeuse Camisole

They don’t make a lot of camisoles like this anymore, there’s a somewhat vintage / retro feeling to this piece, which is made from 100% silk in the USA (a bonus for anyone into buying American made products). I love the lace detailing that criss crosses the bodice, providing feminine definition on even the smallest of busts.

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Secret Women’s Lingerie Sales Revealed

Many men dismiss the idea of lingerie sales, often because they think that sales are something that attract silly women, (though the odd deadly stampede on Black Friday seems to be comprised of both male and female bargain hunters,) they also often think that sales are just a trap to get you into the store to spend your money on things you don’t want or need, and they’re sort of right, but a man who loves lingerie and abstains from lingerie sales is a man missing out on a great deal of low cost, high quality lingerie.

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How Men Can Look Better Than Women In Lingerie

Okay men who like to wear women’s clothing, here’s a challenge for you: looking better in lingerie than women do. Is it possible? I say yes. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this is always going to be a subjective matter, but let’s not allow that to hold us back in the quest to make men look good in their lingerie.

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Best Of | How To Get Caught Wearing Women’s Lingerie

caughtThis best of article takes a look at men who want to get caught in lingerie and provides a few hints and tips for getting caught, in case you happen to be a man in need of some advice.

Who doesn’t love to get caught in lingerie? The looks of horror! The enraged mobs! The possible arrests and indecency charges! Getting caught out there in lingerie is possibly one of the most fun things of all time ever.

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The Tale of Spider Silk Lingerie

beautiful nylon camisoleIn which one man finds a way to wear lingerie against the odds…

For years, Mortimer had dreamed of wearing women’s lingerie. Unfortunately, his wife Deirdre was less than supportive of the whole idea. Less than supportive was a bit of an understatement really, she was vigorously anti the idea of him owning anything remotely shiny or satiny or soft and she seemed to have a nose for any lingerie he would buy and secrete about the house.

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What Panties Would Neo Wear? Latex Lingerie From The Matrix

red_latex_lingerieThe Matrix is all around you. It has you. You’re a little copper top powering a race of evil robots, but you might as well enjoy the benefits of your situation, access to some digitally sweet lingerie. (And Rob Zombie remixes which are most excellent also. Edgy, yet very mainstream.)

The chosen material of lingerie in the matrix is latex. It’s stylish, futuristic, and you can peel it on and off whilst bathing in the opulence of a red goo bath. With latex lingerie, there’s no need to get pulled aboard a ship, full of metallic holes and butt naked

The latex lingerie, it is hot…

Men Look Good In Lingerie | Real Men Wearing Lingerie

sexy_man_in_stockingsThis is a follow up to the wildly popular and fiercely debated ‘Why It’s A Big Deal When Men Wear Women’s Clothes In Public’, and a rebuttal to some of the more ignorant comments there which claimed that men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing not because they don’t have the right to, but because they don’t look good in it.

The sheer arrogance and indeed, shallowness of these claims aside, this is one of those times where fire can be fought with fire, for the claim that men do not look good in women’s clothing is simply false

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Finding Freedom For Men In Panties

Freedom For Men In Panties

Freedom. As a society we’re big on freedom, huge even. Freedom is the word we call upon when we want to inspire courage. Freedom is the word we call upon when we want to stir emotional response. For the West, personal freedom is everything. Or is it?

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Knickers For Men


Knickers. Heh. Knickers for men. I can write the word ‘panties’ over and over a gazillion times and keep a perfectly straight face whilst doing it, but for some reason, the word ‘knickers’ just gets me. Perhaps its the way it is reminiscent of British Colonial roots. Perhaps it’s the playful connotations the word seems to have. It’s hard to take knickers too seriously, which is precisely why you chaps who love women’s lingerie should think about buying yourself some knickers.

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