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Felina Marielle Bikini Panties

These panties caught my eye for their teal hue, mesh polka dots and the almost batman style scalloped formation of the one front part of these panties which have any kind of solid fabric. We all know what that means… revealing and yet framing. These panties come in various color variations, each of them unique in their own way. One of these things is not like the others – and actually, none of them are!

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Never Say Never Low Rider Thongs

Italian lace low rider thong panties… need I say more? Probably not, but I will. These panties come in a huge array of colors. You could buy these panties in over 36 colors, which would make one pair for every day of the month. Which day should you wear the coral pictured above? Does the 15th sound about right? Who knows. All I know is that there are almost endless thong panties which can be purchased in the same inimitable (or perhaps, partially imitable) style.

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Bold Purple Slate Panties

From the bikini of yesterday, to the full coverage panty of today, these beautiful purple and slate panties are something just a little bit different in a world of back to basic tones, shades of beige, that sort of thing. I particularly admire the jaunty little bow in the center of the waistband. That’s a sort of bow which yearns to be hand washed and would listen to tales of washing machines with horror.

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Blaze Supermodel Thong Panties

These thong panties from Elle MacPherson, noted supermodel and lingerie brand mogul, are HOT. Made with attention to detail and just a little splash of mad inspiration, the gold ribbon waistband gives these panties a contemporary retro vibe, complimenting the bright ‘high risk’ red lace which makes the front of these lace panties undeniably attractive to the eye. Thong panties are a bit like the haiku of the lingerie world. There’s not much to work with, but when you get those simple elements just right, magic happens.

Yes I love panties
Supermodel makes a thong

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Pretty Rose Thong Panties From Fantasie

Is there anything better than a good lingerie fantasie? Perhaps a lingierie fantasie? (I don’t know why they decided to spell the word that way, but I do know that these panties are stunning!) This bold rose print on a white background, matched with embroidered mesh panels makes an utter meal of these thong panties. There’s a certain gravitas to them, a fullness, an expectation of a covered rear and then… no! Expectation subverted, thong detected!

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Prima Donna Does It Again… Beautiful Panties

These panties are just gorgeous with a pink and blue toned lace embroidery over a flesh toned fabric. I adore the way the blue shimmers against the delicate background, creating a delicate feast for the senses. These panties take the concept of a skimpy bikini cut and adorn it with the most alluring display of color and shape. Like a peacock, one can not help but be stunning in these panties.

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Ladies & Men’s Story Dream Lace Panties

Ladies and men’s story (what a name for a panty company) makes panties which look like what a doily would look like if it took off its glasses and let its hair out of its ponytail in one of those teen movies which were so popular fifteen years ago. They come in the blazing red pictured above and everything from beige to blue and other shades in between, and also, adjacent to.

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Saphir Brief, French Lingerie Panties

These panties are so expensive I can barely believe it, but they are also utterly gorgeous. From the front, they’re elegant. From the back… well… when I saw the back of these panties I felt that little pang you get right in the center of your chest when you see something truly beautiful. For a skimpy item of lingerie, they are rich with detailing and filled with subtlety. I really enjoy the way the blue V wing motif is highlighted in the lace along the lower hem. There is a true artistry to these panties.

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Olga Invigorates An Old Style With A New Twist

The very first man in panties I ever knew was a huge fan of Olga lingerie. It was almost twenty years ago now that I knew him, but Olga continues to make sleek stylish panties which are ever so comfortable to wear. I like these panties very much. They’re styled after the incredibly popular ‘Secret Hug’ line, feature the signature Olga waistband, but add a fun lace dot mesh style print for an updated look just begging to grace your lingerie collection.

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