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Sunny Fairytale Yellow Panty Lingerie

Yellow, a bright color that lifts the spirits and brings joy to those that look upon it. For a mysterious reason best known to the gods of lingerie marketing, yellow lingerie is a relative rarity. Oh there’s plenty of black and white and beige stuff out there, and if you like blue and pink you’re not likely to be disappointed, but yellow bursts forth but rarely on the lingerie racks of the world and perhaps it is time that changed. In spite of its endangered status on the lingerie list, there are some brilliant yellow panty gems out there just waiting to be discovered and I have taken it upon myself to deliver them unto you for your perusal.

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Diesel Satin Lace Balconette Bra and Panty Set | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today’s panty pick was chosen because of its sweet feminine colors and the lovely lace work that traverses the low cut balconette bra. Diesel is a fashion brand with its fingers in many pies, but it takes its lingerie as seriously as it takes any other fashion items. I love the mix of classic and contemporary styling in this satin bra, that takes a modern pink shine and compliments it beautifully with aboreal lace styling on the cups that makes the lace look rather organic. It’s a nice change from the standard purely floral patterns one is often left with.

The brassiere is matched with a pair of low cut panties with a lovely black lace band defining the waist. Underneath the thick lace, one is caressed with a satin panty panel. But the real treat of these panties comes at the rear, where the lace trim continues to scallop over the panty edges, and a large expanse of sweet pink satin covers the derriere.

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Twinkle Twinkle Panties! Mesh Veil Lingerie | Hope’s Panty Pick

Have you ever been caught between a desire for modesty and a desire for your clothing to effectively cover very little of your body? Have you ever wondered what it might be like if your panties got married? Have you ever gazed up at the moon and wondered why no underwear that gives the impression that the wearer has a fine, gauzy tail exists yet? If you said yes to any of the above, then I am about to change your life.

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Pink and Purple Flower Underwear For Men

As you probably know by now, my usual subjects are lingerie for men, and typically I smush the the ‘women’s lingerie’ label into a metaphorical blender to make it apply to men as well, because it does really. However occasionally a piece of underwear designed for men comes along that is so incredibly awesome that I must take my hat off (I always wear a top hat to be prepared for such situations) and applaud underwear manufacturers who have taken the time to take men’s underwear to the next level, and by next level, I mean something other than boxy and black.

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Also by CLEVER, these oh so cute ‘Cheeky Boxers’. Not reviewed in the article, but the pictures speak for themselves, especially the bright pink one. Oh la la! Legitimate men’s underwear with a very girly touch.

Let’s Do Lingerie Science! The Evolution of the Common Household Panty

As a panty scientist (with a white coat), I study panties day in day out. Some people say that’s strange. I say it’s a valuable use of oxygen and carbon atoms.

Stephen Hawking and other scientists with actual science degrees and their own chemistry sets say that the universe tends to chaos under the forces of entropy. My expert panty studies have revealed a similar truth in panties, however instead of tending towards chaos, it is clear that panties are tending towards nothingness. Indeed, I hypothesize that somewhere in the fashion universe there is a lingerie black hole steadily drawing panties towards it.

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Women Choose The Natori Body Doubles Ruched Panty | Hope’s Panty Pick

Have you noticed that sometimes people don’t notice that you are in possession of a fully automated 100% human derriere? Then perhaps you need to purchase the Natori Body Doubles Femme Hipster panty. In many respects, it’s just a plain panty available only in black and beige. (They call it ‘cafe’, but as we all know, cafe isn’t a color, its a place where you go to buy coffee and croissants, or perhaps some fudge. It is certainly not something you wear under your pants.)

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Hanky Panky Silk and Lace Panties | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today’s panty pick combines silk and lace. I could stop right there and that would be review enough, because silk and lace are the Father Christmas and Mrs Santa Claus of lingerie, but I won’t, because then you’d be disappointed and we don’t want that.

Hanky Panky makes these pretty panties, and interestingly, they appear to have abandoned their traditional frenetic neon color scheme and preference for odd angular cuts to create something that is actually pretty tasteful in a full brief with muted colors that make the wearer look very ladylike and refined even if they happen to only be wearing panties.

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Manly Feminine Metallic Panties For Men

Men are always wondering how they can wear lingerie without XX’ers getting their panties in a twist about it because it’s not very masculine. Well, here’s an idea that’s sure to save your life. Masculine metallic panties. Panties that look kind of metallic and therefore, totally manly. The fact that they’re women’s panties does not nullify their masculinity in the least, apart from the part where it’s actually quite feminine.  If you like any of these panties, clicking on their pictures will take you to purchasing information.

Shirley of Hollywood Booty Short

Gooollllddmember. That’s what you’ll have when you don the Shirley of Hollywood booty short that is most certainly covered is slivers of metallic material, which imparts a decided masculinity to the entire panty affair. These panties also come in red and black, if you for some reason object to your man regions looking like a roller-disco.

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