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This Winter, Men Will Be Wearing Skirts

Givenchy has picked up the torch of skirts for men and flown it high in its Fall / Winter collection. Not content with putting a solo skirt in there for a bit of gimmicky androgynous draw, skirts make up around half of the men’s collection, along with feminine jewelery, and shoes styled to look like strappy women’s sandals, sorry, correct that, strappy velvet sandals that are unashamedly for men!

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The Lingerie Prince | A Modern Tale For Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a princess, who like many princesses of her time had been locked away in a tall tower because she was so pretty and her hair was so shiny and her feet so tiny and her eyes so large and her nose so pert and her femininity so feminine. She was so pretty that other women would projectile vomit with jealousy if they laid eyes on her.

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Sophisticated Animal Print Panties

Animal print panties, because if you’re not wearing the print of an animal about your loins, you’ve forgotten who you are as a primal animal beast that just happens to be bipedal and able to operate heavy machinery. (If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I can’t operate heavy machinery’, I say unto you, yes, you can!.)

More about the panties!

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Panty Thieves Are Everywhere

I published a hub about His n’ Her panties just yesterday. It was a hub that suggested men who like lingerie buy two sets when they go shopping, so as to share lingerie with their girlfriends and wives without actually sharing the same lingerie. The idea was to save women the problem of having their husbands and boyfriends stealing their lingerie without their knowledge, a practice which I cannot, in good conscience, lend any support to. (Though I am well aware that it will not stop many of you hardened panty criminals out there.)

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Rebellious Red Panties For Men

Sometimes, wearing panties isn’t just a matter of function, or a matter of enjoying the feel of a certain fabric, sometimes, wearing panties is about rebellion. Rebellion against the tyranny of boring men’s clothing. Rebellion against the unwritten law that if it isn’t made of cotton and modeled after a box of crackers, it must be for women.

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Man Wears Boyshort Panties, Looks Pretty

After years of denying himself the treasures in the women’s side of the lingerie department. Steve Stevowitz, 34, finally cracked when he spotted the sign ‘boyshorts’ posted above some low cut pretty panties that had been calling his name all morning.

“See! I told you!” he cried, plunging into the women’s lingerie department, throwing off the cowed and confused expression society had made him wear for the past18 years. “I knew they made these for men! I knew it!”

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Wife Won’t Let You Wear Women’s Clothes?

So, as you know, I spend a great deal of time telling my readers how wonderful it is for men to wear women’s clothing, and how much they should indulge their fashion sense to its fullest limits. I do realize, however, that many men who like to wear women’s clothing are very much restrained by other influences in their lives. These influences usually come in the form of women that the men in question want to remain married to or living with.

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Fine Fellows In Frilly Lingerie

Nothing is so fine as a man who knows how to wear frills with style. Whether about the neck, the wrists, or beneath his clothing about his waist and legs, a man who wears frills is a man with an eye for classic ornamental style.

Unfortunately, unless one wears a frilled cravat and or perhaps pretends one is a pirate (a practice legitimized by thousands of screaming Johnny Depp fans,) one must keep ones frills confined to one’s underwear.

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How Men Can Look Better Than Women In Lingerie

Okay men who like to wear women’s clothing, here’s a challenge for you: looking better in lingerie than women do. Is it possible? I say yes. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this is always going to be a subjective matter, but let’s not allow that to hold us back in the quest to make men look good in their lingerie.

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