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Romantic Ruffles Boyshort Panties

Hold the dictionaries, there’s a new definition for ‘adorable’ and it’s these ruffled boyshort panties from Seven ’til Midnight, a lingerie designer with a focus on visually appealing panties. They come in dramatic red, and we all know how hard it is to come by nice red lingerie (seriously, aside from Christmas and Valentine’s novelty collections, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the industry was languishing under some barbaric anti-red edict from the High Lord of Lingerie himself.) Black edging around the ruffles gives them definition, and according to customer reviews, they happen to be a little see through too, which I can only consider a bonus. The black on red is a little bit Western, a little bit Flamenco, a little Moulin Rouge. With that kind of inspiration, how could anyone go wrong?

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Emporio Armani Lilla Stretch Thong, Super Secret Panties For Men

It’s been quite some time since I featured some ‘sleeper’ panties, not panties that are designed to be slept in, rather panties that can pass for men’s underwear whilst being 100% women’s panties. These thong panties from Emporio Armani will probably impress even the most conservative of partners. (Perhaps not the most conservative, the most conservative will probably insist on long johns and a floppy pointed nightcap.) Remotely reasonable partners, TSA agents and indeed, gym friends will probably be able to overlook the inherent femininity of these panties with the native blitheness of those who have yet to appreciate the joys of a simple feminine thong.

With seamless sides, a stretch fabric and all the quality that’s come to be associated with Armani, these panties are a sure thing for any man who wants to indulge his lingerie passions without being detected by those unsympathetic to the cause.

What’ll these designer panties set you back? They’re currently selling for just $12 or 3 for $33.

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Playful Promises Silk Bra and Panty Set

Another line of panties with a wonderful name, the playful promises panty series is a delightfully skimpy and softly feminine line of undergarments that are sure to enchant anyone seeking a silky feminine touch. Today I’m featuring the silk corsage bra and panty set.

Let’s start with the panties first.

Usually one would pin a corsage to the breast region, or perhaps wear it upon one’s wrist, but I think you’re going to want to wear these panties as panties because to do anything else would be to miss out on their soft, silky embrace.

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Now, the brassiere.

This is an interesting item of lingerie, not solely because of the light and frilly design, but because it appears to have been made with those who either don’t have natural breasts, or at the very least, very small breasts in mind. It comes in small, medium and large, which is a lingerie manufacturer’s way of telling you that it’s about as supportive as some wet tissue paper in a high wind. No, this is a brassiere designed to do one thing: keep its playful promises and bring pleasure to the wearer.

Click here for the playful promises silk corsage brassiere…

Blissful Disorder Panties

These panties pretty much had me at their name, ‘Blissful Disorder’, but their design is so stunningly interesting and dare I say, rather haute coture. In amongst all the mesh and the lace and the restrained frills , there’s something a little bit delightfully insitutional-ish about these panties. Not in a bad way, more in a ‘strict matron who trained back when nursing was a career you took seriously dammit and nurses lived in dormitories’ sort of a way.

These panties also have a rear center seam, which means ‘rearly’ great definition. (I apologize for that. I couldn’t help it. I was weak.) If you want to make your behind look full and contoured in feminine fashion, a rear center seam is what you’ll be needing. They also come with a matching bra, so you can have a set, which is nice.

There are just TWO left according to stocking levels on and Her Room, so, you know, get quick if you’re interested.

HOTmilk Blissful Disorder French Panty

Triple Panty Bumper Special!

This post contains crotchless panties, hi cut panties and lace bootie boosters…

It’s been some time since my last update and I do apologize for that. Life got busy in non-panty related ways, as it is sometimes wont to do. Still, there are plenty of panties I’ve been meaning to talk about so I think I’ll do a bit of a bumper panty special today. And when I say bumper special, I mean three pairs of panties that caught my eye amidst the many panties out in the world. Did you know that there are more variations on the panty than there are species of beetle. (That’s probably not true, but it’s an ever increasing close call.)

Crotchless Cutie Bootie Short Panties

These panties play both into my love for lace and my love for sweet alliteration. At first sight they look just like cute boy short lace panties, but spread your legs and there’s a further surprise waiting. Crotchless panties might not be the first choice of panty for the man who wears lingerie for the sensation, but they do have a certain naughty femininity that can probably be appreciated by almost anyone who loves their lower body teased by lingerie.

Click here for the Crotchless Cutie Bootie Short Panty

Valmont Lace and Satin Hi-Cut Panties

I love the name of these panties almost as much as I love the panties themselves. There’s something oh so classic and classy about it, like a well engineered luxury sedan a queen might ride in to escape the rabble. These panties certainly are luxurious being made out of a satin weave fabric which rises proudly up the front center panel like a glorious fountain of soft sensation. It is flanked by two delicate lace panels. Lovely. So, so lovely.

Click here for the Valmont Embroidered Lace and Satin Hi-Cut Panties

Hipster Lace Panties

These panties are mostly lace and the waistband of these panties is 100% lace and if you do the math on that you get 2 to the power of oh my god its pretty much all lace! With no side seams whatsoever, these suit the lingerie lover who likes to run his hands over what feels like a never ending lane of lace encircling his hips.

Click here for the Hipster Lace Panty

Vanity Fair Lace Hi-Cut Panties

Ah, hi-cut panties, panties that give your upper thighs plenty of space for activities, but also provide wonderful coverage fore and aft. (Those are mariners terms of course, which is very appropriate given that mariners love a good pair of panties to keep themselves well supported on the high seas.

These ‘Helenca’ high cut panties from Vanity Fair are absolutely adorable. They’re 100% lace, with no sign of a solid panel anywhere – aside from the crotch, which usually has a cotton panel to mop up anything untoward that might result from the aforementioned activities.

Click here for details on these Vanity Fair panties, along with some other similar panties that might catch your eye and steal your heart…

Lipo in a Box Lace Trimmed Panties for Men

If you’re going to buy panties from anyone, it may as well be from someone who named their line of lingerie ‘Lipo in a Box’. These lace trimmed, full brief panties come in a variety of patterns and colors, blasting old assumptions about the proper shades of lingerie out of the water. There’s the candy pink panties and a whole range of alternative styles, some with animal prints, some with floral prints, some with a restrained black satin finish. Oh, and for those of you who enjoy wearing brassieres, all of these innovative panties come with matching brassieres.

There were two particular styles that stood out to me, codenamed ‘Rachel’ and ‘Tiffany’. I do adore it when people give items of lingerie women’s names. It’s very fractal in a way, as in ‘I put a woman’s name on your women’s panties so you can…. I don’t know… wear women’s panties with a woman’s name.’

Click here to check out “TIFFANY” by Lipo in a Box

And click here to make the acquaintance of “RACHEL” by Lipo in a Box

Bali Skamp Full Coverage Panties for Men

Skimpy little bikini cut panties and thongs are all very well and good, but sometimes a man who wears lingerie wants to feel a little more covered than that. Sometimes smooth fabric from lower back to belly button is the panacea for that which ails one.

Bali Lacy Skamp Hikini Panties

These panties combine coverage with a bikini cut to create a new panty entity known as a ‘Hikini’. The thick lace waistband will appease your ravenous desire for all things soft and pretty and the panties themselves are made from 80% nylon for a wonderfully smooth sensation against the skin. Note that many of the positive reviews for these panties have been left by men! They’re currently on special at the great price of 3 for $24 or you can buy them for $9 each. They come in white, beige (they’re calling it ‘mocha mist’ but you can’t fool me with fancy alliteration) and black

Click here to get more info or buy these Bali Skamp Nylon / Lace Hikini Panties…

Lovely Lace Panties For Men

Lace panties are some of the most popular panty styles amongst all lingerie demographics, and for good reason. Lace looks amazing, is entirely feminine and also has a naughty little side effect of making your undergarments somewhat see through whilst still seeming to be refined and classy.

Hanky Panky make one of the top lines of women’s lace panties, their secret is in the materials they use in the lace which result in a butter smooth sensation against the sensitive skin of one’s nether regions. Cheap lace panties can be scratchy and ill-fitting, but Hanky Panky has managed to make quality their watchword and in doing so, captured much of the lace panty market.

But Hanky Panky lace panties are not your only option. Here are a few more from other manufacturers of lovely lacy lingerie…



These low rise boxers from 007 Lingerie are technically just lace trimmed panties, but I’m really not sure that matters given that a significant portion of the panties are ‘trim’ anyway. What’s really stunning about these lacy panties is the plethora of designs associated with them. I very much enjoy the wonderful sort of lace doily approach taken on the featured panties. (And no I’m not being sarcastic, I like it when a panty is allowed to be innovative and different.)

007 Lace Panties



And of course, absolutely no article on lace panties would be complete without a reference to Vanity Fair lace panties, which, unlike all the other panties featured here are high cut and entirely lace from top to bottom. I know from experience that these are very popular panties with men who like to wear lace and moreover, like superior lace coverage.

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Helenca Lace Hi Cut Panties

Peek A Boo Ruffle Panty And Bra Set

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a ruffle quest. It’s like a vision quest but nobody makes you vomit in a desert. The ‘peek a boo’ in the Peek A Boo Ruffle Panty and Bra Set name refers to the fact that one’s nipples will be exposed when one is wearing this sleepwear set. Yes. It’s a sleepwear set. Can you believe it? I can, but only barely. The model is wearing nipple covers, you know, for modesty. Because nothing says modesty like flesh colored nipple stickers. I’m pretty sure the reason that this is regarded as being a sleepwear set is the fact that the bra offers less than no support, which may not may not matter depending on your particular anatomical configuration.

Click here to peek at the Peek a Boo Bra and Ruffle Panty Two Piece Set

Ruffle Butt Panties For Men

Ruffles are a fun and playful way to express a feminine side whilst wearing panties. These contrast ruffle panties from Leg Avenue happen to currently be #19 in the Exotic Apparel > Women’s Panties section on, and can thousands of exotically minded panty purchasers be wrong? I don’t think so.

These are not panties you’d be advised to wear in panty sensitive situations of course. The VPL (visible panty line) in these things is likely to be quite considerable. But for discrete home wear, or the man who just doesn’t give a damn who knows about his panties, they are a pure delight.

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Alegro Floral Waltz Plus Size Bra and Thong

Continuing on the plus size theme are these absolutely adorable, and may I say, ever so Moulin Rouge panties named ‘Floral Waltz’ by their creators, Alegro. I fell in love the moment I saw these, mostly because I love red on black and lace covered burgundy triggers that wonderful association in my brain. They’re a thong cut too, which I know a great many of you men who wear lingerie love. I’ve always found that a thong is one step up from being chased around by someone trying to atomic wedgie me all day, but if you like thongs, then may you have all the thongs you dream of. Including this one.

Click here for more on the Alegro Floral Waltz Thong!

Oh, and there’s also this matching bra, which is equally adorable and everyone knows that not getting the bra of a bra and panty set is pretty much akin to separating two kittens abandoned together at the side of the road who have bonded together against the world. The 3/4 cup coverage of this bra means that it won’t ride up too high on a male chest, but instead will sit low, possibly teasing you with a wardrobe malfunction.

Click here for more info on the Alegro Floral Waltz 3/4 bra.