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Women Choose The Natori Body Doubles Ruched Panty | Hope’s Panty Pick

Have you noticed that sometimes people don’t notice that you are in possession of a fully automated 100% human derriere? Then perhaps you need to purchase the Natori Body Doubles Femme Hipster panty. In many respects, it’s just a plain panty available only in black and beige. (They call it ‘cafe’, but as we all know, cafe isn’t a color, its a place where you go to buy coffee and croissants, or perhaps some fudge. It is certainly not something you wear under your pants.)

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Hanky Panky Silk and Lace Panties | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today’s panty pick combines silk and lace. I could stop right there and that would be review enough, because silk and lace are the Father Christmas and Mrs Santa Claus of lingerie, but I won’t, because then you’d be disappointed and we don’t want that.

Hanky Panky makes these pretty panties, and interestingly, they appear to have abandoned their traditional frenetic neon color scheme and preference for odd angular cuts to create something that is actually pretty tasteful in a full brief with muted colors that make the wearer look very ladylike and refined even if they happen to only be wearing panties.

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Manly Feminine Metallic Panties For Men

Men are always wondering how they can wear lingerie without XX’ers getting their panties in a twist about it because it’s not very masculine. Well, here’s an idea that’s sure to save your life. Masculine metallic panties. Panties that look kind of metallic and therefore, totally manly. The fact that they’re women’s panties does not nullify their masculinity in the least, apart from the part where it’s actually quite feminine.  If you like any of these panties, clicking on their pictures will take you to purchasing information.

Shirley of Hollywood Booty Short

Gooollllddmember. That’s what you’ll have when you don the Shirley of Hollywood booty short that is most certainly covered is slivers of metallic material, which imparts a decided masculinity to the entire panty affair. These panties also come in red and black, if you for some reason object to your man regions looking like a roller-disco.

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Lane Bryant’s Briliant Butt Cravat Hipster Mesh Panties | Hope’s Panty Pick Reader Special

Mesh! Lace! Ruffles! Behold the axis of lingerie! These very special, very pretty panties were a recommendation from a reader who goes by the lovely  name of Erica. If you have any favorite panties you’d like to share with the world, send me a link to them, and let me know why you think they’re suitable panties for ‘Hope’s Panty Pick’.

Let’s explore these panties, shall we…

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Silky Farr West Pettipant | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today we continue our panty exploration with a pair of panties that stopped me in my tracks when I saw them. Not literally, of course, they’re panties, not muggers, but you get the idea. These panties are so pretty, but yet they look sort of kind of just enough like men’s boxers that you may very well be able to incorporate them into daily attire without a girlfriend or spouse who cringes at the sight of lingerie having a coronary.

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Hanky Panky High Cut Panties | Hope’s Panty Pick

Even if Hanky Panky’s line of High Cut Panties had been made from metal smelted in hell itself, I still would have written this article because I love the lyrical flow of the title. Fortunately for you and I and everyone who has purchased these panties, Hanky Panky High Cut Panties are most certainly not forged in hell.

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Hope’s Panty Pick | Jezebel Lulu G-String and Skirt

For today’s panty pick, I wanted to chose a panty that was sweet and light and feminine, and I think I have achieved that goal most admirably in picking the Jezebel Lulu G-String. This pretty little G-String has several sections of loveliness, starting with the translucent polka dot fabric that traverses the sides of the panty which meets the deep lace trim that defines the  panty target area, tentatively at first as it travels vertically and then bursts into wide, joyful lace scallops along the upper edge.

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Hope’s Panty Pick | Vanity Fair Illuminations Panties

These Vanity Fair panties are sure to be a hit with men who love lingerie. Why do I say that? Well, feast your eyes gentlemen, and discover the (admitted initially dull looking) loveliness for yourselves. A lovely long high rise panty (which rises to the belly button on a lady, but which on a man merely provides adequate coverage for all that the good lord gave him), these Illumination fashion panties look like panties designed with the male wearer in mind.

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Hope’s Panty Pick | Affinitas Intimates Julia Thong

I’ve decided to start a new (mostly) daily feature here on He Wears Panties called Hope’s Panty Pick’. Every day, (or most days, I may take weekends off) I’ll be reviewing a new pair of panties. The first pair I’m reviewing are, as you may have surmised, the Affinitas Intimates Julia Thong.

I picked these panties as my very first daily panty pick for several super reasons. The first of these reasons is the pretty blue color that you don’t see much in lingerie. Strangely, although plenty of people claim blue as their favorite color, lingerie manufacturers insist that what they really want is beige, white or black.

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The items featured in this review can be found below:

How To Name Your Panties

Have you named all your panties yet? No? Well this is the hub you’ve been looking for, I think I can safely say without exaggeration, all your life.

Lingerie manufacturers commonly assign their creations seemingly random female names, apparently in the hope that women (or men with female alter egos) will connect with the name.

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