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Good Devil Lace Panties For Men

Here they come, the lace panties made for men, lace panties that not only fit the male figure, but also, and I quote ‘provide lift for your package’. Lovely.

These are brilliant panties for men who don’t want the (social or perhaps spousal) hassle of wearing women’s underwear, and whilst that’s not every man who visits this site, it’s got to be a relief for those who are tired of fighting about what constitutes ‘men’s underwear’. These say ‘men’s’ right on the label.

Even the copy from the retailer is delicious: Your fetish for lace need not go forbidden anymore! The Good Devil Lace Boxer gives the manly lover of lace the same sheer, delicate feeling with a more anatomical fit in the pouch area. Elastic trim around the waist and legs keeps a snug fit that won’t show up under your pants. The stretch lace feels airy and smooth against your skin, and is sheer enough to be both naughty and luxurious.

Good Devil Lace Boxer Panties For Men

Embrace Lace For Men, Wacoal Panties

Afraid of getting coal for Christmas? What about Wacoal? Ha! I see what I did there. Barely tenable seasonal puns aside however, would you look at these pretty purple lace panties? They’re from the ’embrace lace’ series by Wacoal and they’re beautiful. There’s the white floral embroidery that makes the waistband its own, and then there are the horizontal beams of pretty, sensual material that give these panties structural integrity. So delightful! The color you’re looking at there is ‘Deep Wisteria’, they also come in Naturally Nude (beige), Fig / Very Berry (one name is not enough), Mocha Espresso (the sort of beige that makes other beige jealous, and Black and white.

See the pretty panties!

Satin Low Rise Bikinis With A Lace Frontage

I don’t know about y’all, but I find Christmas very stressful. What I don’t find stressful is lingerie. Which is not to say that lingerie is part of this alleged war on Christmas lead by Jim Carrey’s grinch and a pack of rabid penguins.

Anyway, on with the panties, where my coherency might be greater. These panties are low cut, satin in the back and lace in the front, which is a sensual way to package your, ahem, goods this Christmas. We’re back to Christmas again. Deck your manly parts with delicate lace this season, and celebrate good will to all!

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Lace Thongs and Mini Shorts For Men

These lace panties are 100% lace and 100% designed for men. I know this will be somewhat contentious for some men, who prefer their panties to be made for women, but for those who have been waiting for lingerie manufacturers to get around to giving men some visually appealing underwear they may be very welcome indeed. Also for those men whose partners whine when they don’t wear ‘men’s underwear’ – well, here’s your men’s underwear! They come in both black and white, which is one more color than the original Ford automobile, so that’s nice.

Check out the lace thong….

Check out the lace mini-shorts…

Cheeky Lace Panties For Christmas

We’ll get to the pretty panties in a second, but first, Christmas madness!

December 15th or thereabouts should be remembered as the day that went a bit mental and started putting choking hazard warnings on their panties and noting that they should not be given to children under three. I’d advise not giving adult sized clothing to children under three as a general rule, but it’s nice to see Amazon taking a stand for those challenged by the notion of basic common sense. Now on with the panties, which I can assure you are perfectly safe for adults of either gender.

Jezebel Show Off Cheeky Boyshort


My favorite style of panties, boyshorts with a high rear cut are the perfect fun panty. Actually, they’re pretty much the mullet of lingerie. ┬áBusiness in the front, party in the back! Who’s with me? Everyone, that’s who.

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Olga Without A Stitch Hi Cut Panties

Endorsed by so many men who love women’s lingerie that some women have been slightly intimidated, Olga Without A Stitch Hi Cut panties have turned out to be a winning style for both men and women. The proof of that is in the widespread popularity of their leopard skin, butterscotch, and ruby coloured panty pudding.

From Amazon reviews…

‘For men who like to wear panties with a little feminine touch, these panties are a good choice. They fit a man well, are very light weight, and the lace makes them look very feminine. They hold up great to washing, lace doesn’t fray and they keep their elasticity so they don’t sag, another great quality panty by Olga.’

What’s really nice about these is the fact that the ‘no stitch’ design means that they’re almost undetectable under everyday clothing. Perfect for a man who likes good coverage and even better discretion.

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Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Bikini Panties

It’s been a week or so since the last update and I wanted to find some fun panties to talk about. These ‘naked glamor’ panties are just the ticket for several reasons. Let me itemize them for you, we can pretend as if we’re in a meeting if you like.

1. Bikini. The bikini cut is one of the most popular cuts of panties for men.
2. ‘Naked’ right there in the title. Cheap titillation always wins me over, I don’t know about you.
3. The nakedness in the title seems to refer to a certain native indetectibility about these panties. I just made up a word. Get someone from legal to protect that, would you? The beige model in particular could probably cause some consternation from onlookers thinking you’d lost your genitals entirely on account of the smooth somewhat shiny optical illusion created by these panties. Is that a selling point? I don’t know.
4. Shininess. These panties are made of microfiber and they shine. They gleam. They may even glisten under the right circumstances. Though I have the beige model pictured, they come in a wide range of colors and indeed, prints.
5. The last, but perhaps the most important. These are in the top twenty of all bikini panties sold on – that means someone’s doing something right with these babies.

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Super Soft Touch Wacoal Panties

Bright red panties are always an eye catcher, and for reasons best known to the elves that run the lingerie industry, relatively rare throughout most of the year, save for certain occasions that need not be named. These gorgeous ‘Awareness’ panties from Wacoal come in both crimson and iris orchid (a pale purple, if you find the red too brash and glaring.)

Wacoal has a reputation for producing lingerie that is second to none in terms of quality and comfort, so you’re in good hands when you purchase a pair of Wacoal panties. The ones pictured here are made from a special blend called ‘tactel’ nylon, which is a type of nylon created to have a similar feel to cotton. Unlike other nylon, which can cling and cause the wearer to become sweaty, tactel nylon dries eight times as fast as cotton, is three times as resilient and is twice as soft as other similar fibers. In non scientific terms, that means wearing panties made of this type of nylon is not unlike wearing a gentle summer’s breeze about your nether regions.

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Bali ‘No Lines’ ‘No Slip’ Panties For Men

Some might call these granny panties, I call them classics – and they’ve certainly got the pedigree to bear the name. These panties from Bali are delightfully soft, high waisted for full coverage and have a nice thick lacey waistband that adds a touch of sensuality to an otherwise restrained lingerie experience. These ‘no lines’ panties are designed to be worn under everyday clothing without revealing their presence, which is wonderful for men who like to wear lingerie in their daily lives without drawing attention to themselves.

These panties come in a three pack, so you’ll have Monday, Tuesday and Wedensday (the axis of evil weekdays) covered. They come in black, white and nude, so you can match them to your clothing. Have to wear some white pants because you are a mustachioed English gentleman off to play cricket? You can wear the white or the nude. On the other hand, if you have a more formal occasion to attend, the black might be just the touch of lingerie elegance you need.

Click here to check out these Bali No Lines No Slip Lace Trim Brief Panties

Animal Attraction Panties from Jezebel

I don’t often feature animal print items, but they are on trend right now and there’s something slightly naughty and a little bit, well, trashy about them. It’s both a drawback and a feature in my opinion, depending on your mood and the setting.

At any rate, these panties are very cute, have an adorable black lace waistband that should satisfy lacy cravings and boyleg cut that means they’ll sit nice and low, giving you all the 1950’s bathing suit style coverage you crave.

Click hereto check out these Animal Attraction panties available in cheetah skin, plain hot pink (I have no idea what animal is hot pink by nature, maybe a certain type of lobster? Rawr. Sexy Lobster.) Also, black with pink trim. Squee!

Tanga Panties Decorate Your Derriere

The tanga panty cut hasn’t received any love for some time, but that’s changing with this post. Tanga panties bridge the gap between bikini and thong, with a back that provides some coverage (and prevents the sort of riding up that can get uncomfortable when addressing an audience or fighting bears.) In addition to being more comfortable than your average thong and more revealing than your average bikini, it’s also prettier, providing delightful lace adornment for your rear.

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