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Cotton Panties With a Difference | DKNY Cotton Cutie Cheeky Hipster Panty

Now usually I shy away from cotton because cotton is my lingerie kryptonite and the mere mention of the fabric causes parts of my psyche to wither up and die a little. But not everyone is that way inclined, and if anyone can make cotton worthwhile, it’s probably a large designer label like DKNY, right?

At any rate these panties caught my eye for their slightly art-deco feel, the undulating nature of the lace certainly sets these apart from many stock standard cotton panties designed to crush the soul. The satiny bows are also a little larger than the petite bows one often sees on simple lingerie, and add a nice overt feminine touch.

Finally, the dark scalloping along the top of the panty line and the slight ruching at the seams of the panties make for a coherent though simplistic designer piece. (You see what they’ve done to those sides there, don’t you? Made them a feature rather than an embarrassing fabric seam)

If you want to buy these panties, you can do so here. (At time of posting, they were just $10.)

Full Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored posting per se, however if you follow the link and buy the panties, He Wears Panties does get a cut, which means not only do you get to see plenty of cute lingerie featured on the site, but He Wears Panties is able to pay for server hosting, etc.

I am, however, open to featuring any lingerie you love, so if you come across some lingerie you think really deserves to be showcased on He Wears Panties, then you should feel free to make a post on the forum or alternatively, email me about it.

He Wears Panties, Now Being An Awesome Community

Hey guys :) Hope again here. (Well, who would it be, I guess.)¬† Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for everyone who has been so supportive and commenting and being generally lingerie fantastic! I have a bit of a ‘well duh’ confession to make, I missed a lot of the comments that were posted because I was looking for them in the wrong place, which is not very useful, is it? And I was sitting here going ‘why is nobody commenting’? and then I look in the actual comments section and *faceplam* there are heaps and heaps of them.

So there you go, human error wins again.

I hope you all continue to comment and to enjoy the site, I will be posting more lingerie reviews soon, and I am also reinstating the He Wears Panties Forum, so feel free to pay a visit there if you want to chat more deeply with other male lovers of lingerie (and the occasional female as well.)

Your Favorite Panties For Men | Results Round One

Over a year ago I wrote an article asking men what their favorite panties were. I also asked a bunch of more specific questions¬† including what cut men liked, what color they liked, what brands they liked, and what they most liked wearing with their panties. I received hundreds of comments and overwhelming amounts of feedback, which was exceptionally awesome, and I am now ready to impart the results unto you, my fine readers.¬† In one category at least, my lingerie scientists (that’s me and my kitty mittens) have not quite finished tabulating all the results.

Today I can reveal the favorite panty cut for men is the: Continue reading

In Defense Of Men’s Panties…

A good article (I hope) to send people who aren’t quite down with the whole ‘men can wear panties too’ thing. And an amazingly hot picture that proves a chiseled body looks good in anything. (As if that needed proving. ) The picture is from‘s new lines, which are definitely worth checking out if you want feminine underwear made for men.

Read the article…

Men’s Panties or Women’s Panties?

This is a question and point of contention for men who like to wear lingerie, their partners and other people who have a passing interest in the topic. I myself often argue that panties are panties are panties, regardless of who is wearing them. However in reality, there is a difference between ‘men’s panties’ and ‘women’s panties’, if only because ‘women’s panties’ tend to be fairly high quality garments made by multinational corporations and modeled by lanky Brazilian lasses with more money than sense, whereas ‘men’s panties’ tend to be produced by smaller companies that cater to a very different aesthetic.

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A Guide To Men’s Satin Panties

a man wears satin pantiesSatin is a fabric held dear to men who wear lingerie, or rather, if I am to be accurate, it is a style of fabric that entrances lingerie aficionados of all genders. Satin, one might say, is the most important fabric in all the kingdom of lingerie, if we are to view lingerie as a kingdom, which I think we should, as it accords the subject a certain gravitas that is often otherwise missing.When it comes to purchasing a pair of satin panties that will serve one well, it pays to understand the nature of satin. Satin has many secrets beneath its lustrous shine, and if you wish to tame it, you must first come to understand the silken beast.

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Hanky Panky Endangered Men’s Lingerie

Today I’m going to take some time to talk about Hanky Panky animal print panties just because they’ve put such a solid and sincere effort into making their animal print lingerie interesting of late. It seriously is seriously interesting, and they already have a reputation for producing highly comfortable lingerie that women love, so why not trust them that little bit further when they tell you that animal skins are in right now?

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Buy the panties I’m talking about in this article. (But only if you want to. Never let imperative sentences take your free will away.)

Betsey Johnson Intimates Rose Embroidery Thong | Hope’s Panty Pick

I was looking for something a little different when I stumbled across these pretty thong panties. Specifically, I was looking for something in black that didn’t simply make the body of the wearer disappear. Fashion gurus often state that black is slimming, and it is, it is slimming because it oftentimes acts as a black hole, sucking in the form and figure of the wearer. These panties however, allow the wearer’s figure to flaunt itself whilst providing modest and pretty coverage.

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Lingerie profiled in this article includes:

Sunny Fairytale Yellow Panty Lingerie

Yellow, a bright color that lifts the spirits and brings joy to those that look upon it. For a mysterious reason best known to the gods of lingerie marketing, yellow lingerie is a relative rarity. Oh there’s plenty of black and white and beige stuff out there, and if you like blue and pink you’re not likely to be disappointed, but yellow bursts forth but rarely on the lingerie racks of the world and perhaps it is time that changed. In spite of its endangered status on the lingerie list, there are some brilliant yellow panty gems out there just waiting to be discovered and I have taken it upon myself to deliver them unto you for your perusal.

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Featured panties in this article (click pictures for purchasing information):

Diesel Satin Lace Balconette Bra and Panty Set | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today’s panty pick was chosen because of its sweet feminine colors and the lovely lace work that traverses the low cut balconette bra. Diesel is a fashion brand with its fingers in many pies, but it takes its lingerie as seriously as it takes any other fashion items. I love the mix of classic and contemporary styling in this satin bra, that takes a modern pink shine and compliments it beautifully with aboreal lace styling on the cups that makes the lace look rather organic. It’s a nice change from the standard purely floral patterns one is often left with.

The brassiere is matched with a pair of low cut panties with a lovely black lace band defining the waist. Underneath the thick lace, one is caressed with a satin panty panel. But the real treat of these panties comes at the rear, where the lace trim continues to scallop over the panty edges, and a large expanse of sweet pink satin covers the derriere.

Have you fallen in love with this pretty pink set with the darker side? Click the pictures for purchasing information.