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Wacoal Retro Chic High Cut Brief

There’s been a lot of focus on the low cuts lately, so here’s something a little higher, the Wacoal ‘Retro Chic’ high cut brief. These panties come in the pictured black, crimson and white. There’s also a range of beiges, tastefully named things like ‘Toast’ and ‘Cappucino’. I consider it no accident that they are named after things you can eat. Though if they really wanted to sell it I’d go with something like ‘milk chocolate’. That would make things completely irresistible.

Wacoal Retro Chic High Cut Brief

Oh, and the matching bra, if you happened to be interested in such things…

No Panty Line Panties by Jockey

These panties are white, and as we all know, if I post something in plain white it’s because it is special for one reason or another. These panties are special because they promise no visible panty lines and they deliver on that promise. This is especially useful for men who like to wear panties in their day to day lives, but don’t like to have them seen by all and sundry. Fortunately for people who can’t stand plain white, these panties actually come in quite a range of colors. They come in white, beige and black for instance – also ‘Imperial Plum’, something called ‘Crocodile Gray’ (for people who have never seen a picture of a crocodile, one assumes), ‘Spotty Leopard’ – an animal print for people who do know what animals look like, ‘Steel Gray’ and a variety of ‘sands’ and ‘lights’ and ‘browns’ for those who like a wide variety of beige to choose from.

Check out the full range of No Panty Line Promise panties…

Biatta Liza Hipster Panties

These are gorgeous panties aren’t they? The black mesh and lace is exciting enough, the cream lace trim around the outside is quite delightful. The cherry on the top is the laced fabric on the back of the panties. In fact, these panties are almost more exciting from the rear than from the front, which somewhat subverts one’s usual expectations for a pair of panties. The rear seam doesn’t hurt the architecture either. I love it when lingerie does something a little bit different. You might think that these are going to be wildly expensive, but they’re on sale between $5 and $7.50, making them pretty cheap for a cute pair of panties.

Biatta Liza Hipster Panties

Cotton Bikini Panties With Extra Ruffles!

These panties are so cute, and they’re also cotton. I’m trying to be more open to cotton these days because its a natural fiber and quite a good one for having next to your intimate skin. The ruffles soften what might otherwise be a severe cottony landscape and even better, these come in a twelve pack and they’re only twenty bucks for the whole lot. The bikini cut is perfect for the panty wearing man too, so win win win win win. And win.

Check out the Angelina cotton bikini with elastic ruffles in all colors…

Supernatural Low Rise Panties by Wacoal

The low rise and lace party continues with these ‘Supernatural’ low rise panties from Wacoal. There’s probably nothing truly supernatural about these panties. Probably. There is a lot of lace and a great many color combinations however, which are very appealing indeed. The pair pictured are called ‘blue radiance’, but there are many many more color / lace combinations including black and pink, blue and green, red and white, black and white, white on white, lilac on a little deeper lilac – the list goes on.

Click here to view the entire range of Wacoal supernatural panties…

Barely There Animal Print Lace Tanga Panties

Cheetah print is primal, but when softened with vintage style lace it becomes something different. A fusion between caveman and Victorian – a battle between time travelling stone lords and cane wielding men with stiff upper lips. I love the thickness of the lace bands and many men will find the low Tanga cut both comfortable and appealing. These panties come in the animal print pictured as well as white, black and red, or Electric Rose, Girlie Black and Bright White. The white, black and red models are all 100% lace, so that’s nice if you like a full lace panty.

Check out the full range of Barely There Women’s Go Girlie Foxx All Over Lace Tanga panties

Half Lace Hiphugger Panties

Hiphuggers are low cut panties that snuggle low around the hips. They’re cut quite nicely for the masculine figure and in the case of these specific panties from Leonisa, are pretty much 50% lace, which is an awful lot of lace, especially for such a small pair of panties. It isn’t lazy lace either, it serves a very noble and beautiful purpose, curving over the cheeks to frame the derriere. In some respects, these panties remind me of the older Olga type panty styles updated for a more carefree and skimpy modern wearer.

Leonisa Hiphugger Lace Panty

Thong Multi-Pack Means Many Panties

90% Nylon.
10% Spandex.
100% coverage (if by coverage we mean having panties for every day of the week, because these are thong panties and let’s face it, coverage isn’t precisely what thong panties do best.)

These thong panties come in a 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 pack and a range of pretty prints. They have a double string design, which I’m going to pretend is based on the same theory as a safety chute. If one of your thong strings breaks, you won’t plummet into panty depression, you’ll have a backup string already deployed.

3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 Pack Printed Double String Thong Panties

Micro Lace Boyshort Panties

Boyshorts are a cute style that is popular with men and women alike and though these have been dubbed ‘Micro Lace’ by their makers, there’s nothing ‘micro’ about the lace in these panties, in fact their boyshort design is largely obscured by the ubiquitous lace that adorns almost every seam. I love the contrast effect created with the gray fabric and pink lace, but these panties also come in pink, burgundy and silver – quite a tantalizingly interesting range of colors.

Check out the Intimo Micro Lace Boyshort range…

Pettipants For Men

The pettipant is somewhat anachronistic, but there are plenty of men who enjoy this kind of lingerie for a range of reasons. A certain old-fashioned charm is certainly one reason, add to that the unparalleled soft nylon coverage and abundance of lace and you’ve got piece of lingerie that combine comfort, sensuality and classic appeal. They’re basically the Audrey Hepburns of lingerie. As some readers might not have considered pettipants at all before this very moment, today three pettipants will enter the pettiring today and all three of them will leave because they’re all gorgeous in their own way.

Ilusion Pettitpants

We will begin our exploration of the pettipant with these relatively simple, almost boxer short appearing pettipants from Illusions. As with all pettipants, they are designed to be worn under clothing without causing clinging or catching. This means that pettipants are almost always made of high quality nylon, and always feel amazing against the skin. These particular pettipants should work well under long shorts or pants, which, for most men, means that they’ll work with their entire wardrobe. Handy!

Vanity Fair Petti Pant

You might notice that these pettipants from Vanity Fair are long. They’re very long in fact, over the knees, though I suppose if you happen to be a taller gentleman, your knees might still be shamefully exposed whilst wearing them. They measure up at 18 inches, which is an impressive amount of lingerie any which way you slice it. They are also 100% nylon for non-slip smooth wearing and come trimmed with pretty lace.

Velrose Snip-it Pettipants

The pettipants from Velrose feature three tiers of lace plafully traced across the lower legs. Although you might be admiring that lace as a purely aesthetic touch, it actually serves a purpose. The three lace bands are designed so that the garment can be ‘snipped’ to the length you like it. Sort of like those velcro stripper pants, except nothing like that. Forget I said anything.

Sexy Strappy Cotton Panties by Roufe

I’ve often written cotton off as a completely non-sexy fabric, but one has to admit at some point that all fabrics can be versatile and where there’s a will, there’s a way.

These panties aren’t just interesting in a ‘someone slashed these to the point where they barely cling to my frame’ sort of way, but also because they have an adjustable fit with bows in the back, which can be tied and re-tied for the perfect fit.

Check out these sexy cotton panties…

Amazon’s Top Panty Sellers

Ever wonder what women are buying? Here are the top three best selling panties on, as chosen by those who vote with their cash and leave positive reviews. What’s really nice about these three panties is that they’ve proven to be not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but economical too. The most expensive panties in this selection cost less than ten dollars, and the average price is closer to just two dollars. If you’re looking for some popular panty bargains, this is a post you won’t want to miss!

Vanity Fair My Favorite Pants Illumination String Bikini

Vanity Fair’s string bikini panties are the bestselling panties on at the time of writing. These most popular panties are notable because they come single, where all the others are multiple panty packs. The string bikini comes in a variety of colors, ranging from Jane Gray pink, pictured in the image above, to blue to white to beige to Steele Violet. The strings at the sides are considered elegant by many and the rave reviews left by satisfied wearers speak for themselves.

Angelina Lace Boxer Short

The second best selling panties are popular because of their lace and volume. You get twelve pairs of panties in this pack, which are pretty much all the panties a man or woman could need for at least twelve days. The backside on these rides a little high, exposing one’s rear, which is fun and charming and probably a recipe for success.

Fruit of the Loom Cotton Bikini

It’s pretty rare that cotton gets on this site, mostly because of my perhaps over zealous personal preferences for things lacier and fancier and, well, prettier , but the masses have spoken and these are the third most popular panties. They also happen to come in a six pack, which makes them not only comfortable and popular, but entirely economical.