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DKNY Jolie Nuit Bikini Panties

Lace in the back, slick satin sheen in the front. You could be forgiven for thinking that the two panty pictures above have no relation to one another, but they are two sides of the same pair panties. Fancy that! The effect is more pronounced in the black iteration of this style, which comes with a contrast white trim across the front of the panties. I think these are subtle, understated but also very feminine and coming from a respected designer like DKNY they also have a superior fit and feel. If you’re looking for a well balanced pair of panties to treat and tempt yourself with, here they are.

Jolie Nuit Bikini from DKNY

To Be In Style, To Be In Panties

To Be In Style is perhaps one of the more bizarre brands I’ve come across. They swing wildly between comfortable, utilitarian pieces of clothing and string mesh items that wouldn’t have been out of place in the beginning of Pretty Woman, before Richard Gere comes along with his penchant for saving hookers with high fashion. I’m going to feature a two of their items because one is not enough (unlike in Highlander, where there can be only one.) Ding Ding Ding! Movie nostalgia double bonus!

And back to the panties…

Liquid Panties

Lace And Black Liquid Lam Panties With Lace Insets

These panties are designed to have a liquid look. As if you poured your lingerie on rather than pulled it on. You might think that the sheen of these would be the most exciting thing about them, but what’s really the most exciting thing about them is the way they perfectly frame the most intimate area of the wearer’s behind. That takes some creative skill.

For my next trick, I’d like to present to you the highest waisted panties in the world!

High Waisted Panties

ToBeInStyle High Waisted Panty With Lace Overlay On Hot Pink Microfiber

Now that, my friends, is a very high waist. If nothing else, these might be the most interesting panties you ever wear, a pair of panties in which the waistband is arguably the most interesting feature. Unlike the other panties shown above, where special attention is drawn to the rear crevice of one’s bottom, these panties make the waist the center of attention.

Elle Macpherson French Knicker Panties

Elle Macpherson needs no introduction, and neither do her panties. The lingerie line from one of the world’s top supermodels has a reputation for quality, comfort, cut and style. All of those powers are combined here in fine French fancy lace and mesh.

These panties come in a range of styles and shades, so if you don’t like the ‘greystone’ color scheme pictured above you can check out the alternatives, which include pinks, whites, blacks, blues all in interesting, innovative color combinations – plus matching brassieres for the man who likes to put together a complete ensemble.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle French Knicker Panty

Betsey Johnson Zipper Stripe Lo Rise Thong

There are so many words in the mere description of these panties that putting words here almost seems redundant. Still, I feel bound to point out the very interesting ‘cross ribbon’ design at the front of these panties, which I haven’t seen on any others that leap to memory. I also really like the almost pin stripe / cable effect of the front panel. It’s like the panties have their own little jersey or something. These are adorable and feminine and oh so pretty. There’s a few more color options displayed in the images below, plus if you’re interested, a matching brassiere!

Betsey Johnson Zipper Stripe Lo Rise Wide Side Thong

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Lace Thong

It’s a thong! It has lace! It is comfortable! And seductive! These panties from DKNY are clearly seeking to be all things to all people, so I’m pretty sure that these panties will probably do your taxes and change the oil in your car. Or not. If you want to leave them with your tax forms for a few hours and see what happens, be my guest. That’s what we in the panty business call science.

But seriously, a thong that sets out to be comfortable as well as seductive is the sort of thong you want in your life. These panties come in four colors, black, white, ‘dune’ (which frequent visitors to this blog will immediately recognize as a veiled description of ‘beige’ and this animal print called ‘Urban Cheetah’, because it’s an altogether more sophisticated print than the feral wild cheetah would allow.

Most of the lace mentioned is on the rear of these panties, in that tantalizing triangle before the ‘thongy bit’ dives down the cleft of your cheeks to secure your panties, much like Bear Grylls leaping into a dark and mysterious ravine. If that isn’t a mental image you’ll thank me for, then I don’t know what is ;).

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Thong With Lace

Betsey Johnson Stretch Bikini Pinup Panties

Modern day materials and a slinky low bikini cut join forces with something a little more classic to produce these darling mesh and lace polka dot panties from Betsey Johnson. The playfulness of the dot pattern (dubbed ‘Hottie Dottie’) is offset by the darker mesh lace at the sides which hints at sensuality and it’s all wrapped up with two little ribbons and bows at either side of the front panel. The panties come in both red and blue polka dot versions (both are quite striking in their own way) and have a ruched rear seam which I can tell you from experience is a great deal more comfortable than it might look at first and really provides definition for your derriere. No more pancake butt for you!

Betsey Johnson Stretch Mesh Lo Rise Bikini

Barely There Rayon Spandex Hipster Panties

Would you look at these panties? Would you look at the leopard print? Would you look with your eyes? I would and I did. These panties are in ‘Electric Tonal Leopard’, which is possibly the best print / color combination of all time. Or at least this week. They also come in other colors if the red isn’t quite your thing. Grey and sort of blue and also ‘soft girlie pink’, which looks like a sort of chiffon bridal pair of panties. Oh what the heck, I’ll add a picture at the end of this to show you. Also, how many rayon panties do you see these days? Not many, if any.

Barely There Chill Chick Rayon Spandex Hipster

Jezebel Hipster Panties With Garters

Garters belts and panties unite! I like these, I like these a lot. I think it has something to do with the mesh and the lace both playing an integral role in the general wonderfulness that is this panty combination. Jezebel makes many such wonderful garters if the length displeases you, but I think there’s a certain femininity about the way these garters extend far down the thigh, shrouding it in meshy lace mystique that will delight even the casual panty wearer – or indeed the panty wearer looking to branch out into the delights of hosiery.

Jezebel Women’s Hipster With Garters

‘Edgy Girl’ Lace and Ruffles Hipster Panties

Ruffles and lace and hipster panties, oh my! If you’re an edgy sort of girl, or an edgy sort of guy more likely, you might fancy edging your end into these pretty panties which come in lovely black and white and also white and black, if that’s more your speed. Also ‘Carribean Blue’ and some kind of pink perhaps. I don’t want to get your hopes too high, especially when the black / white, and white / black options are so very classical and monochromatically lovely in their aspect.

Jezebel Edgy Girl Ruffled Hipster Underwear

Barely There ‘Go Girlie’ Flirt Microfiber Thong

These panties have such a long name one almost suspects that they’re making up for something. It turns out that what they’re making up for is a lack of rear coverage because they’re a thong style panty.

The color of the panties pictured is called ‘lovely orchard’ which is perfectly charming and mildly agricultural. What better color scheme to adorn the region of the body where one’s seed is produced? (That’s not vulgar, I maintain that the designer knew exactly what they were doing when they called purple and blue ‘orchard’. What orchard has blue and purple in it, I ask you? Blue and purple are berry and vegetable colors. But now I have digressed so far from the topic of lingerie that returning to it will take more skill than I have. So I shall end this parenthesis here and allow you to do with this information what you will.)

Barely There Go Girlie Flirt Microfiber Thong

DKNY Classic Beauty Hipster Panties

The DKNY classic beauty hipster panty is an entire range of panties, a variation on a single theme, a panty plethora. The plain versions of these panties are wonderfully meshy and see through, so if you like having your rear somewhat visible, these will work for those purposes.

If you forget who made your panties, DKNY have thoughtfully written their initials on every single pair, so you can impress other people and enjoy the thrill of brand recognition. Mmmm branding. Saucy.

But seriously, there are some very pretty panties here in a range of colors and styles so whether you’re in a plain white mood or a sort of sparkly red sheer mood you can satisfy your desire.

DKNY Classic Beauty Hipster Panties

Maidenform French Collection Tanga Panties

Tanga panties are panties that seem to be bikini panties from the front, but when one turns around they transform into something more like a thong, with minimal rear coverage that leaves a saucy amount of cheek showing.

These Maidenform tanga panties come in several colors and patterns, each mnore lovely than the last. There are deep reds that bloom with sensual style and lighter, pinks that blush across the wearer’s behind. Those who prefer a more austere and serious look will be glad to discover that these panties also come in ‘steel grey’, a very rare color in panties indeed. When it comes to variations on a theme, Maidenform are at the top of their panty game.

If you’re looking for panties that are light, lacy and able to reflect your changing moods throughout the week, I suggest browsing the Maidenform French Collection.

The Maidenform French Collection Tanga Panties Range