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Peachy Keen Bliss Mesh Briefs

peach mesh panties for men

These adorable mesh panties are just some of a very colorful range from Natori. Some of the patterns and colors are almost good enough to eat. They’re also wonderful for adding some seasoning and spice to your lingerie collection, with colors like a lime green ‘lemongrass’, which is really quite hard to collect. There are also a couple of pattern prints there, both animalistic and primal in nature. And of course, Natori represents quality, so you know that these will be heavenly comfortable to wear.

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New! Wacoal Full Bloom Hipster Panties

wacoal hipster panties for men

New from Wacoal, these pretty panties come in a range of lace lined color combinations. The ‘Amparo Blue’ as seen above is only the beginning of a light and airy summer line, which ranges from the playful to the conservative. There are even two beige / brown options, tastefully labelled as Cinnamon and Coffee Bean, presumably because you’ll want to grind them up and drink them, they’re just that gosh darn delicious to behold. These panties feature a full lace front, but there won’t be a lot of modesty coverage for your behind thanks to the all mesh back which keeps your cheeks securely contained, but visible should inspection be necessary.

Check out these mesh backed hipster panties from Wacoal

Romantic Panties

romantic panties for men

These super low cut panties will provide male wearers with the same conundrum many women have when squeezing into romantic clothing – just where are you supposed to put everything? Turns out, that’s a trick question. It doesn’t much matter which way you choose to arrange yourself, the sheer mesh of these panties ensures that your secrets are secret no more! With ribbon side accents and the requisite blue bow, these are panties for summer romance. These run in sizes from xsmall to xlarge, so everyone can share the spirit of pale panty romance.

Romance Mesh Ruffle Panty

Panty Adventures! Vintage Rose Panties

vintage rose panties for men

Look at these panties! I love them because not only are they pretty, but they have a certain subversiveness to them. It’s like they’ve taken note of the ubiquitous floral theme that creeps through the world of lingerie, and instead of bucking the trend, have decided to go large with it. Like Lady Gaga in a meat dress, but more appealing to General Tastes. (General Tastes loves his panties, you know ;)

Kissed By The Rose On The Lace Panties!

Fruit Of The Loom Panties For Sex

The title of this post is somewhat misleading, but that’s because Amazon’s search results are misleading these days. I typed ‘panties’ into the search bar and Amazon suggested that I try ‘panties for sex’ – because apparently that’s a common search term on Amazon.

So, of course, being only human, I tried the panties for sex search. And I got this:

fruit of the loom sexy panties

This six pack of Fruit of the Loom panties which come with the mysterious, yet common customer review: I received pastel colored solids and returned them.

In addition to sexiness, these panties occasionally come in pastels, not the pictured ‘heather patterns’. Be warned. Warned! Warned of their sexiness, warned of their cotton polyester blend and warned of potential pastelness.

Sexy Fruity Loom Panties

Pearl G-String Bikini

pearl g string pantiesFew panties offer the wearer the opportunity to wear a string of pearls in the crevice of one’s derriere, but these ones do. I can’t guarantee that these will be the utmost comfortable panties, owing to the pearl string extending past all sorts of immeasurably sensitive areas. These aren’t cheap either, but the chance to bejewel one’s buttocks never is.

View more pictures of the Bracli Creations Pearl G-String

Seamless Lace Panties, Comfort and Allure Collide

seamless lace panties

Panties without the seams are like bread without the crusts, or silver linings without the clouds – better in every way. Most seamless panties tend to be fairly boring and monochrome, designed for people who sort of wish they didn’t have to wear underwear. But these panties, these panties are sexy, gorgeous, alluring and a little bit naughty. You don’t need me to tell you that though, because you can see them and come up with your own adjectives. Check out the link below to see a few more angles on this fine speciment of super comfortable, super sexy lingerie.

Lace Seamless Rose Embroidery Panties

Gold Panties For Guys

gold panties for guys

The price of gold is plummeting, but it’s always a good time to invest in gold panties. These wet look micro panties are an excellent buy, and they come with a scrunchy butt back which means your cheeks will be separated to look their best each on their own globular merits. If you prefer silver to gold, these panties also come in the same wet look metallic fabric but with a silvery sheen.

Shiny Gold Low Rise Panties

Charming Intense Lace Bikini Panties

intense bikini panties for men

Currently on sale at around 20% off, these gorgeous imported panties from Claudette are absolutely stunning. With soft, shiny and silky satin fabric in delicious and rather unique colors, the key to these panties is the fringed lace features designed to lay against the wearer’s upper thigh. If you enjoy the soft caress of lingerie during your every day affairs, then you’ll appreciate these panties for their sensuality. There’s also a matching brassiere with equally delightful black lace accents. Very much worth a look!

Claudette En Dentelle Intense Bikini Panties

Palais Royal Panties For Men

calais royal panties

Royal things are in at the moment, thanks to the courtship, marriage and subsequent nigh inevitable spawning of a couple of late twenty-somethings being fetishized internationally in a way that makes the love for panties in this place look like a passing interest. But we’re not here for my views on current events and the world at large, we’re here because panties. And these are certainly panties. The ‘palais’ in the name of these panties evokes a certain Frenchness, which I approve of because to my mind, royalty rather peaked with the French Revolution and frankly hasn’t been the same since.

Behold the beautiful sequined mesh of this lingerie, formed like the spokes of a wheel which turns and turns but never becomes stale. There is a matching bra for this panty, the blue style of which is referred to as Konigsgarten, or as we English speakers like to call it ‘the King’s Garden’ – and what more appropriate name for panties which will surely appeal to male wearers of the finest lingerie?

Look upon the mighty, yet delicate Chantelle Palais Royal Panty

Sand Zebra Animal Panties For All Day Comfort

sand zebraDo you like to wear panties all day long? Do you like to be comfortable whilst you do it? Do you think the concepts of sand and zebras aren’t combined often enough? If you answered yes to any of those questions. Or if you answered no to any of those questions, then these are possibly the panties for you. Designed to be super comfortable in a range of color styles, including the outrageous animal pattern shown above. But there’s also two shades of brown, which is great news for the beige brigade. One is mocha, and one is plain sand. For people who thought that the animal print waistband was too gaudy. In addition to mocha and sand there’s black, black with animal print waist and minty blue. Minty blue. Heck yes.

But that’s not what’s truly exciting about these panties. What’s truly exciting about them is that they feature 4-way stretch, which I think means that these panties stretch through the x,y and z axis – as well as through time itself.

Check out these time travelling animal themed super comfortable panties from Warners!

Panties Under Five Bucks From Rene Rof

cheap panties for men

In spite of the fact that the maker of these panties sounds like something my dog might say after spending an afternoon chewing grass, these are some pretty and inexpensive panties that won’t break the budget. Unless the budget was less than 4.95, in which case, they sort of will. What these panties lack in price, they make up for with a plethora of prints and styles. Frankly, I can’t stop feasting my eyes on many of these designs, they look good enough to eat. Click on any of the images in this article to be taken to product information for the panties displayed. There are just so many in such a vibrant range of colors I can’t pick one pair or style to feature.

Some might call these garish, and maybe they’d be right. But you know what else was fairly garish? The 80’s and I don’t think any of us regret the 80’s. Right?

Like what you see here and want to see even more?

Check out the complete Rene Rof panty line!
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