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Spanish Dreams French Cut Bikini Panties

red thong panties for men

These European style skimpy lace panties in a rocking red, featuring a transluscent mesh design are quite gorgeous – and what’s more, they come male panty wearer approved!

“All I will say is very very skimpy quality and sizing for the US market needs evaluation and close scrutiny. Large = Size 5 in the panty/thong. Very sexy and bright contrasting colours but it is so light of fabric anything less than Woolite in lukewarm water will disintegrate the stitching.”

Spanish Dreams French Cut Bikini Panties!

Stealth As You Like Panties For Men

white panties for men

These boyshort panties by Maidenform fill an important niche for many male pantywearers – the panty plausible deniability niche. Depending on the color you choose, these panties can appear to be traditional male underwear (albeit with a much nicer fabric than men are usually allowed).

mans pink panties

However, if you want these panties in hot pink, or ‘Peaceful Peri’ (purple) you can pick a pair of panties (or several pairs) to reflect your mood, style and inner self. Can a pair of panties express one’s inner self? Not the entirety perhaps, but certainly a soft, shiny part thereof.

Check out all fifteen styles of these Maidenform boyshort panties!

Rosme Lace Thong Panties

lace panties

These panties have a very distinct European flavor, being light and lacy with a touch of refinement in the fabric pattern. If you’ve ever wanted the experience of wearing panties to be akin to a silky holiday in a castle, then these may get you to that point. They may also tell you that absinthe is legal in their jurisdiction, but you should exercise due diligence when believing what your panties say.

Rosme “Loire” String Panties!

Beware the Burlesque… Leopard High Waisted Boyshort Panties

high waisted leopard panties

It’s been a while since I featured anything truly high waisted. Let’s amend that with these leopard print panties, featuring boyshort bottom cut and high waisted – er, waistband. The slimming black of the main body of these panties creates a feminine curve which I feel is best appreciated in the bottom image, with a thick swathe of jungle cat in the middle to transmit one’s wildside to the world. Well, the part of the world that sees one’s panties, which is necessarily limited, but you know what I mean. Created with a 1920’s burlesque theme in mind, these panties go well with pasties. Or pastries. Your call.

Intimates BoutiqueHigh Waisted Leopard Boyshorts

Laura’s Printed Lace Boyshort Panties

rear lace panties

Two types of panties, very similar but slightly different, depending on whether or not you like your lace in the front or the back. What these panties share is a designer, a love of bright printed motifs (and who wouldn’t love having ‘oh my god’ printed over the sensitive areas of their body – as is the case with the front side of the blue pair up above. Or perhaps you prefer something a little more geometric and abstract that puts the lace on the front of the panties, where you can see it if you happen to casually look down whilst not wearing pants. As you do. Casual without pants. Yeah.

lace print panties

LauraLace Boyshort Panties (Lace on the back…)

Laura Lace Printed Boyshort (Lace on the front…)

Lace Suspender Garter Panties

suspender panties

What beautiful white lace panties these are! But wait, they’re more than simple panties. These panties are also a pair of suspenders, and technically, a garter belt. A garter panty, if you will. These panties will take on the task of holding up your stockings with great fervor and vigor and enthusiasm – and they’ll look dashed good whilst they’re doing it.

Roza Fifi White Lace Suspender Brief

Hipster Hippy Art Deco Panties For Men

Art Deco Panties

The hipster in this description of hippy panties refers to the current (some would say admirable) trend of reaching into the past for fashion cues. Usually the recent past. Usually the 60’s and 70’s, which must never cease to amuse those who were young during that period and likely never expected to see a twenty something in 2013 smoothing an epic beard whilst wearing bell bottoms. But it’s happening. History repeats, and on a shorter and shorter cycle if our eyes are to be believed.

Check out these modern retro panties!

Choose Comfort Panties For The Plus Sizes

comfort panties

These panties are very comfortable, and will make their own waistline if you don’t have one. Look at them, with their little see through lace waistband. These panties are made with plus size people in mind, which is good news if you happen to be plus sized and like these panties. (Actually, I find the whole ‘plus size’ concept sort of odd, I mean, surely all sizes are just sizes. ‘Plus’ size seems like an arbitrary distinction to me, much like ‘womens’ panties.

Comfort Choice Plus Size Panties!

High Cut, High Texture Panties for Men

amorette high cut panties for men

I know how much men who wear lingerie love hi-cut panties, and I think these particular panties will be a winner. The red is particularly stunning, but if you don’t like red, there’s black and white and even a pink option to choose from. The detailing on these panties is not overwhelming, I’d call it subtle. But it works. There’s attention paid to textural touches, which will make running one’s hand over the front panel an additionally pleasant experience, methinks. One could even say that these panties are textured for his pleasure.

View the range of Paramour Amourette Hi Cut Panties…