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Elegant Lace Hipster Panties by Honeydew

lace panties for men

These are some very pretty panties, with a darling lace panel which sits proudly at the fore, almost like a skirt – except for the fact that it is not a skirt, it is the lacy denouement atop a very comfortable panty. With three different color combinations titled ‘Emerald’ ‘Orange’ and ‘Plum’, this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some panties in colors that don’t often come up. Click the link below to check out the complete range!

Honeydew Intimates Emma Elegance Lace Hipster Panties In A Range Of Styles!

Full Brief, Full Panties for Full Men

elomi plus size panties These stylish floral mesh panties are part of the lingerie designer Elomi’s Imogene collection, which includes a brassiere, a thong and a ‘waspie’ cincher, which acts as a bustier of sorts if you’d like to manually control your waist. Sizes start at medium and go all the way to 4X, so if you have trouble with some of the smaller styles, you’ll be relieved to know that these panties will have no problem containing your prominence.

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imogen lingerie cllection

Fair Isle Sweater Panties

fair isle sweater panties

Finally, a pair of panties that goes with that sweater your grandmother knitted for you. These panties feature a classic Fair Isle pattern and are pretty much the most amazing panties I’ve ever laid eyes on. They’re perfect for anyone looking to flesh out a collection and for anyone who likes to wear panties that don’t appear to be panties – so you can get away with wearing them around, say, a spouse who doesn’t entirely support your panty wearing habit. Nobody questions the sweater panties. Nobody.

Fair Isle Boy Short Panties!

La Perla Studio Renata G-String Panties

renata panties

The patterning on this lovely g-string reminds me strongly of gothic arches, all overlaid one upon the other. The red contrasting trim almost completely distracted me from the fact that these panties are beige. But they’re beige in such a way as to become somewhat nude, beige in such a way that the trim itself becomes the main event and the wearer – well, the wearer might appear to be wearing almost nothing at all, besides these scintillating lines.

Studio Renata G-String Panties…

Hanky Panky Panties, Now With Sequins!

sequin panties for men

Hanky Panky are known for their butter soft lace, now they’re moving into the sparkling world of panty sequins. There are plenty of cuts in this sequin collection, you got your normal thong, you got your super low rise thong, and you got your sequin boyshorts. The important thing is that sequins are involved. Shiny shiny panties.

Hanky Panky Sequins Signature Lace Original Rise Thong, One Size Fits Everybody Who Fits the Size!

Floral Lace Mesh Queen Bikini

beautiful lace panties

There’s something so very regal about this pair of panties. I think it’s the sash-like waistband and the delicate beige embroidery on apricot mesh that does it. Oh yes, there’s a lot of mesh here, providing barely there coverage for the man who likes to be himself in his panties and see himself in his panties. Packed with je ne sais quoi, and perhaps a little deja vu and maybe even a little omelette du fromage, I like these panties.

Aimer Floral Lace Mesh Panties

Shiny Natori Panties | Pink Panty Pleasures

shiny pantiesThe sheen on these panties comes from the nylon lycra blend. They also feature a four way stretch system, which means all your personal bits and pieces will be comfortably covered – and there’s the bonus center rear seam which provides playful definition for your cheeks. Currently on sale for 22% off, these are some pretty pink panties too good to pass up. (Also available in beige and black, if you want something a little more subdued.)

For more Natori Reverie Girl Brief Panties click here!

shiny panty rear

Subtle Panties for Men from Armani

armani panties

Now these panties look snug, soft, and entirely deniable if you should be caught wearing them. With a simple cut and classic style, these panties are as close to unisex as one can really get. Made in premium soft stretch cotton, they’re perfect for any season and any occasion. The low waistline and high rear cut ensures a certain frisson of excitement when sliding them on, or admiring yourself in your panty mirror. (Every man needs a panty mirror, those face mounted ones just don’t do the trick.)

Emporio Armani 3D Eagle Stretch Cotton Cheeky Panties

Emotions, Thong Panties From Calvin Klein

emotions panties

These beautiful panties have a stunning lace mesh band across the waistband, a thick splash of sensuality which offsets the skimpyness of the thong experience. And they’re made by Calvin Klein, which is sort of nice if you like that sort of thing. The panties featured above could be a perfect personal Christmas present in a seasonal color, but also come in a silver beige which I actually rather love.

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