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White Lace Lingerie Creates Lingering Desires

Freya are bucking the black trend with this beautiful pair of white lace panties. A gold beige lining creates a perfect counterpoint to the vast swathes of white lace rolling across your personal plains, turning flesh to fantasy. According to Freya, these are some sassy panties, which I find adorable. Purest white lace and just a hint of beige does not a sassy panty make, Freya, you’re going to have to work a little harder to get that edge back. Fortunately, not everything has to be brazen and bold. Sometimes, demure white lace is all it takes to hit the spot.

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Smooth Lace Delights…

We return to the theme of black lace derrieres with these charming lace panties, high waisted and highly desireable from Arabella. They contain special shapewear technology to smooth the lumps and bumps and create an overall sleek figure for the wearer. The front of these panties is almost as delightful as the rear, a nice dark panel of satin and lace covering the tummy for maximum elegance, and diving low across the intimate areas.

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Rhonda’s Fancy Panties For You

Everybody knows that the definition of fancy is ruching, and these panties have enough ruching for a debutante ball, which means they’re very fancy indeed. With an equally fancy red lace panel in the very core of the panty construct, the center of your panty experience is framed beautifully by the curtains which sit astride your thighs, ready to part for the main show. (That’s more innuendo than I usually go for, but I’m not the one who designed a pair of panties which look a lot like a stage production.)

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A Secret Panty Show

These panties, called Secret Show, feature strategic lace panels where the wearer’s cheeks are. This innovative design creates a cheeky surprise for the unwary, and a source of delight for the wear-y. For those with panty economy in mind, these panties also travel in a pack, like wolves. Get a full compliment of four, or two packs for a total of eight, to create one mega pack of show panties capable of turning every day of the week into something special.

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Strappy, Sexy, Skimpy Panties For Men

Cosabella has bought out a fresh line of lingerie just in time for the season which must not be named. Strappy, sexy, and skimpy, high Italian fashion has never been so accessible before. With architectural inspirations and an enigmatic elegance which will keep you entranced by your undergarments for hours, days, perhaps even weeks or more, these panties evoke the spirits of steel and weave, contemporary styles matched with a high cut line which hearkens back to a simpler time. If you’re looking to step away from screeds of floral lace, this is your chance.

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Silky Satiny Pink Rear Panties

Cotton for Body knows how to make a popular pair of panties with real rear appeal. The front’s not bad either, but the ample use of lace and just a cheeky hint of satin makes the backside the real show side. You’ll spend plenty of time glancing over your shoulder, or perhaps standing between two mirrors to appreciate both sides at the same time. If you have a companion with a love of men in lingerie, these panties will be a treat for all concerned.

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Eve’s Temptation High Waisted Panties

Love lace? These panties provide all the lace you can take in a stunning long line effect which creates a delightful feminine form for the wearer. Immensely popular among wearers of all kinds, these are panties which embrace the body beneath with a snug fit that does not abandon you at the belly button, but heads up toward the rib cage undeterred. Premium lace, full coverage, and comfort fit ensure that these panties have both form and function.

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La Perla’s Perfect G String Thong

Lapis lace describes this beautiful pair of thong panties from lingerie powerhouse La Perla. The color is simply stunning, and the lace construction is elegant beyond compare. If you’re looking to treat yourself, or elevate your lingerie collection to new levels, these panties are a perfect addition. They also come in black, though I feel like this bright azure blue is so unique that it will become a fantasy piece to be cherished for years to come.

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Lingerie Basics: Panty Four Pack

This four pack of traditional panties can form the base of any lingerie collection of merit. Thick lace waistband provides alluring femininity, and the light super smooth microfiber is not merely appealing to the eye but soft against the skin as well. If you’re an every day wearer, or looking for a simply delightful set with a few spares to spare, these panties from Hanes are a great place to start.

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Foxers Lace Boxers

Foxers lace boxers sound like something out of a Dr Seuss book, but that doesn’t make them any less alluring, appealing, or indeed appropriate. Super soft lace suits foxy ladies and lads alike, and I like what I see. They put a nice little satin bow on the back of every pair of panties, which transforms the FOXERS label into F**ERS… and if that isn’t some prime design nous, I don’t know what is.

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A Very Naughty, Very Nice V-kini…

This blushing rose V-kini will expose your blushing roses if that’s what you’re into. (If you know what I mean… general innuendo. I’m talking about light S&M, of course.) And even if your tastes are as pure as the driven snow, this beautiful white v-kini cut pair of panties will frame and caress all the right parts, embellishing them with an asymmetric rose design which is modern as well as stylishly demure. In other words, whether you plan to be naughty or nice, these panties will work for you.

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