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Paradise Silk Panties For Men

silk bikini panties for men

Today I present you with not one, but three silken panty options for your perusal! The panties pictured above are a gorgeous string bikini fashioned in the softest silk guaranteed to make you feel sensual all day long.

Visit Paradise and check out these pure silk string bikini panties here…

If you’re a larger fellow and you want bang for your buck, why not go for a triple threat?

triple silk panty pack

Two out of three reviews for these silky panties are from men*, which means that although these are women’s lingerie, they’re a hit on the male market. One out of three reviews is mildly inappropriate, which means they’re also a hit on the market for people who aren’t entirely sure how to behave in public. Does that sound like a perfect panty storm to you?

Click here for Paradise Silk String Bikini 3 Pairs in One Economic Pack!

Or, if three panties are hardly enough, and if you require a size other than XXL, then try the specially designed silk thong six pack, available in all sizes and a range of delicious colors.

lace thong panties for men

100% silk panties with a cheeky thong back, one for each day of the work week, with one to spare for weekend delights (or as a backup for panty emergencies.)

Click here to check out the back end of these Paradise Silk Women’s Pure Silk Thong Panties!

Captive In Bikini Panties

classic black lace panties

These panties come with a captivating style, and a captivating moniker, which is literally ‘Captivate’. So you’re forewarned, forewarned and probably, if you’re here, forepantied too. What drew me to this particular item of lingerie was its classical styling matched with black mesh and lace tastefully offset by white ribbon accents. These panties provide good coverage, but not much camouflage. The lace is exquisite and the polka dot mesh adds extra texture and panty appeal. A very nice pair of underwear, suitable for romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, or admiring with a special friend.

Click here to be captivated! And see these panties both from the rear, and in white!

Animal Print Panties With A Twist (Of LSD?)

thong animal panties for men

Do you appreciate animal prints, but hate how the colors are always so earth toned? This cacophony of color is sure to delight your senses as you gaze upon the most psychidelic animal print this side of spring 1967. I love these panties, especially the mesh panels at the side which are even brighter than the main thrust of the garment, a floral riot accompanying your pink yellow and blue cheetah passion. For sheer eye appeal, these panties win whatever they want to win.

Click here to check out the cheeky back of these cute animal print panties, or pick up a pair for your panty collection…

Panty Packs, Ten Panties For The Panty Addict

ten pairs of panties for men

Do you need ten pairs of the same kind of panties but in different colors? Are you in the mood to recreate a rainbow over the course of a week? If so, these deeply discounted panties from La Isla should be in your shopping cart. Just $35 for ten, that works out to $3.50 per panty, less than a mochachocolottolatte, or a reasonably priced kitty toy, or a library fine. It’s less than a lot of things, but more than some other things. But this is no time for a deeper discussion of relativity. It’s time for panties!

These panties boast super silky lotion like feel with a seamless hipster fit which will keep you feeling fresh and sensual every day of the week (and three other days besides.)

Check out this myriad of panties in all imaginable colors here…

Sexy Stripper Panties For Men

sexy stripper panties for men

Calling these panties stripper panties might seem like a diss, but I assure you it’s not. These panties are brash, bold and openly sexual in their appearance. They are one size fits all (or, in reality, one size fits some) but if you’re vaguely within a size range that you think you might qualify as ‘all’ five bucks and free shipping gets you this brazen little number. These panties may not be comfortable, practical or appropriate in many situations, but I love them anyway with their straps of lace and their mesh compliment. Asymmetrical ass couture, that’s what these are.

Click here to check out the back view of these Mesh Lace V Style G String T Back Sexy Panties (or pick some up for your panty collection)…

Hipsters and Thongs, Blooming Panties

cute panties for men

Today’s panty post is bought to you by pink and purple, a gorgeous duo which don’t appear often enough in the panty palette. These panties are by Passionata, who understand that bold colors aren’t just enough, you also need original lace designs, a super fine cut and cheeky dimpled dots to have a panty party.

They come in two styles, a happening hipster with lace blossoming from the cod region and a cute thong which strikes the first panties and reverses them while also leaving one’s cheeks free for other activities.

These panties are cute, fun, on trend and they may be the perfect panty present to yourself this season!

Click here for blooming hipster panties…

Or here if you’re more of a thong man…

Supermodel Panties for Super Men

heidi klum panties

Heidi Klum has a little treat in store for you, these lace keyhole panties featuring a stretch satin waistband and gusset, gossamer soft lace and designer details which will elevate your lingerie game to the next level. These panties have a certain elegance mixed with an undeniable sensuality with their see through lace panels which hint at delights beyond the panty line…

Click here to explore these Heidi Klum Intimates Lace Brief Panties…

Classic Lace Trimmed Hi-Cut Panties

sexy lace panties for men

If there’s anything better than a pair of panties it has to be several pairs of panties. In this instance, these lace trimmed hi-cut panties come in a pack of four, so you can ensure that your butt will be covered for at least half of any given week. What grabbed my attention about these panties was the contrasting lace trim. On the white panties especially there is something quite regal about the gold lace against white fabric.

Click here for more information on these perfect panties!

String Bikini Panties For Spring

vanity fair panties for men

Spring has to be sprunging soon, and these string bikini panties from Vanity Fair come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns to match the riot of color which will soon be emerging in fields and flowerbeds and panty drawers. Bugambilia is an actual color offered in this range. And it’s not even a word I heard before. Ever. So basically these are panties which break the laws of linguistics with their seamless style.

Click here to check out the range of Vanity Fair Body Shine Illumination String Bikini Panties!

Pink Camo Thong For Men

papi thong for men

Finally, a thong for men which comes in unabashed pink camouflage (as well as lime green and brilliant blue.) This cute but practical thong features bold colors, and prints and the opportunity to wear something pretty while still shopping in the men’s section. Which is nice if you or a loved one is concerned about which side of the store you buy your clothing from. Soft touch fabric with a four way stretch and a contour pouch for your manly parts make this a highly comfortable thong suitable for every day wear for even the thong wearing guy.

Check out Papi Men’s Touch Of Camo Thongs!

Seamless Panties For Sheer Stealth

sheer panties for men

So you want to wear panties, but what if other people notice you wearing panties? Maybe that’s an issue for you. Maybe you need to wear panties that could pass as unisex underwear even if someone was to see you in nothing but your panties. If those are the kind of panties you need, then these may be the panties for you.

Absolute Clothing is a company that doesn’t do anything by halves, and these smooth seamless panties with a satiny finish are completely gorgeous as well as being completely comfortable. They come in a cute boyshort cut, which works well for men who are looking for panty plausible deniability, and they also have the advantage of coming in black, white, beige, red, taupe, pink taupe and khaki, which pretty much covers all your color essentials.

Click here to check out the full range of Absolute Clothing’s Comfortable Seamless Low Rise Briefs…

Hanky Panky Graffiti Thongs For Modern Men

thong panties for men

(As opposed to Regency Men, or Cave Men. It’s good to be specific about these things.)

I wanted to feature these super cute thong panties from Hanky Panky in their ‘graffiti’ line. One size fits most, which is handy if you’re somewhere in the ‘most’ range of people, but not entirely sure what your size is – or if you’re in the middle of sizes, or in a period of expansion or anti-expansion.

These bold prints will bring summer into your life and undergarments while also keeping you in the utmost panty comfort. Check out the full range at the link below!

|More Hanky Panky Grafitti Thong Panties here…