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Let’s Make A Book

Okay, so, as you may or may not be aware, a book is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time. However, with things being as they are and having a difficulty finding a specific focus, I’m afraid although I have written quite a number of pages, it never really felt like the book I thought it should be. However, a year ago, one of the forum members, BaliHigh suggested a photo picture book. And that idea has galvanized me, because I feel a picture book would be truly representative of the community, and not me espousing my opinions, which I feel I’ve done more than enough of over the years.

So here’s what I’m interested in doing. If you have hi-res, high quality and tasteful pictures (not looking for anything x-rated) of yourself wearing lingerie which you would like to be included in the book, please send them to BOOK@HEWEARSPANTIES.COM along with a paragraph about what wearing lingerie means to you. The object of the project is to share the beauty of men wearing lingerie, so although pictures will necessarily be intimate, they also need to be artful. The book will not be designed to be titillating in nature, rather to step over the other side of the pantyline and show lingerie from another perspective.

I’m looking for a great many contributors on this project. And, because we need to set dates for these things to make sure they happen, I will update this main site on the 20th of the month to provide a status on the progress of the book, and every week thereafter until it is complete. Obviously, this project depends on He Wears Panties readers and supporters to make this happen, however, so this is contingent upon reader response. If you do decide to submit an image, anonymity will be strictly preserved in all cases, and I will require a release to publish the photos in the book when it is ready.

Make Your Backside A Feature Presentation…

simplicity panties for men

I love these panties. I love. these panties. Love them. They’re gorgeous, with a truly innovative rear design complete with frills, lace, ruffles and mesh. These panties are an event, perfect for the bedroom and private fun times, with a hint of retro rockabilly and all the modern allure of ultra stretch nylon and spandex. You’ll spend some serious time admiring yourself in the mirror once you’ve slid these panties on. They come in a wide range of colors, from the raunchy red pictured above to a restrained beige, a gorgeous green and more…

Check out these panties in a rainbow range of colors and adorn your ass!

Bronze Times Panties For The Molten Man

bronze times panties for men

Sometimes I worry that I’ll run out of panties to write about, and then I find panties like these. Panties so thoroughly out of left field that I would never have seen them coming in a hundred years. And that’s because these panties claim to be from the Bronze Age, which was from 3000 to 2400 BCE.

I’m pretty sure if you look at these panties and squint you’ll see a boat. That’s how wild and subversive their designs are. The madness is tamed with a hint of lace and a neat brief cut which fulfils ultimate comfort function while making a mockery of form.

They come in a four pack for less than nine dollars, you don’t need an abacus to work out that’s a good deal!

These are panties for the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Click here to feast your eyes on the full range! (There are more, so many, many more.)

Happy Half Year! Panties To Celebrate :D

classic hot panties

It’s somewhere near the middle of the year, and that means panties. Full panties. Panties which hide everything, including your belly button. Panties which won’t let you down no matter the season or the decade. Panties with style, substance and no obvious political affiliation. Vanity Fair is a staple of many panty wearing men’s wardrobes, and for good reason. These panties are tried and true, soft, smooth, sensual and waiting to take your call.

Click here for more such panties!

Handmade Nylon Panties, Sissy That Walk

hand made nylon panties

These handmade nylon panties evoke a simpler time, when everything was much more complicated. With smooth nylon, frills, ruched hems, bows galore – these panties aren’t just feminine, they’re hyperfeminine with some historical cachet thrown in for good measure. If you want to wear panties which evoke the ardor and glamor of the Victorian age, then these are the panties for you. They come in a huge range of colors and styles, a frankly stunning array of hues with various trim options to suit your style.

Click here to check out the full range of handmade nylon panties for men!

Retro Crochet Thong Panties For Anyone

crochet thong panties are a thing now

Retro crochet thong is not a phrase you hear every day. It’s an odd series of words, because any two of them work, but put the three of them together and you have what is undeniably a panty phenomenon. Made by Betsey Johnson, these panties push the boundaries of, well, everything while still somehow remaining cute and feminine. If you’re looking forward to a summer of panty love, these are the panties you need.

Click here to check out these panties in greater detail…

More Bamboo For Your Butt!

pink bamboo panties

These new ecofabrics are super fun to write about and super cute to wear. I love these panties, largely for their thick mesh appeal. I also like the chunky lace around the hem and hips. If you don’t like these in the pink, they come in a hot red and a whole lot of other colors for your underclad delights. And right now they’re only $3! That’s $3 to step into a whole new panty realm!

Click here to check out these Amybria Bamboo Fiber Lace Briefs in all colors!

Retro Hipster Cute Panties from Calvin Klein

calvin klein retro panties

Ever wished the pattern on your grandmother’s curtains could be turned into panty fabric? Calvin Klein have fulfilled the dream you probably didn’t know you had and created a cute, low cut retro style panty in ‘Tiger Lily Black’. These stylish panties will be a brilliant addition to a lingerie collection with their bold and vibrant pattern and their cute cut.

Click here and check out these low cut Calvin Klein panties!

Eco-friendly Regenerated Panties For Men

red panties for men

These panties are the cutting edge of sustainable fabric and with a cute eco-friendly design you can feel just as pleased about these as you do about recycling and having a battery operated vehicle. And making your own soy drinks. And, uhm, other things that are good for the environment and clothing your genital region. The nexus of excellence.

Click here to check out the range of UDreamTime Modal Elastane Soft Panties…

Carole Martin’s Sensible Panties For Men

sensible lady panties for men

Carole Martin sounds like a sensible sort of woman who wears sensible panties, and if you’re a sensible sort of man you might enjoy these panties as well. They’re also no doubt useful for pretending to be sensible. Tasteful herringbone fabric flanks smooth expanses of soft microfiber, making these panties comfortable, stylish, sensual, and of course, sensible.

Click here to check out these panties in a suitably restrained beige, or a neutral white!

Go Bottoms Up With Calvin Klein

calvin klein bottoms up panties

What’s better than a pair of Calvin Klein panties? A trio of them. These Bottoms Up panties come in a three pack (or, put another way, are currently 3 for $30), which is not only economical, but bountiful. They come in three colors, namely Black, Buff, and Catwalk. Only one of those words usually refers to a color but we know what they mean, don’t we? Sort of anyway. Euphemism for beige is what ‘Buff’ is, and ‘Catwalk’ is a pun for animal print. That’s right panties with puns. I think that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Click here to feast your eyes on these panties in a wide range of colorful styles!