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Happy Half Year! Panties To Celebrate :D

classic hot panties

It’s somewhere near the middle of the year, and that means panties. Full panties. Panties which hide everything, including your belly button. Panties which won’t let you down no matter the season or the decade. Panties with style, substance and no obvious political affiliation. Vanity Fair is a staple of many panty wearing men’s wardrobes, and for good reason. These panties are tried and true, soft, smooth, sensual and waiting to take your call.

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Handmade Nylon Panties, Sissy That Walk

hand made nylon panties

These handmade nylon panties evoke a simpler time, when everything was much more complicated. With smooth nylon, frills, ruched hems, bows galore – these panties aren’t just feminine, they’re hyperfeminine with some historical cachet thrown in for good measure. If you want to wear panties which evoke the ardor and glamor of the Victorian age, then these are the panties for you. They come in a huge range of colors and styles, a frankly stunning array of hues with various trim options to suit your style.

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Retro Crochet Thong Panties For Anyone

crochet thong panties are a thing now

Retro crochet thong is not a phrase you hear every day. It’s an odd series of words, because any two of them work, but put the three of them together and you have what is undeniably a panty phenomenon. Made by Betsey Johnson, these panties push the boundaries of, well, everything while still somehow remaining cute and feminine. If you’re looking forward to a summer of panty love, these are the panties you need.

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More Bamboo For Your Butt!

pink bamboo panties

These new ecofabrics are super fun to write about and super cute to wear. I love these panties, largely for their thick mesh appeal. I also like the chunky lace around the hem and hips. If you don’t like these in the pink, they come in a hot red and a whole lot of other colors for your underclad delights. And right now they’re only $3! That’s $3 to step into a whole new panty realm!

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Retro Hipster Cute Panties from Calvin Klein

calvin klein retro panties

Ever wished the pattern on your grandmother’s curtains could be turned into panty fabric? Calvin Klein have fulfilled the dream you probably didn’t know you had and created a cute, low cut retro style panty in ‘Tiger Lily Black’. These stylish panties will be a brilliant addition to a lingerie collection with their bold and vibrant pattern and their cute cut.

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Eco-friendly Regenerated Panties For Men

red panties for men

These panties are the cutting edge of sustainable fabric and with a cute eco-friendly design you can feel just as pleased about these as you do about recycling and having a battery operated vehicle. And making your own soy drinks. And, uhm, other things that are good for the environment and clothing your genital region. The nexus of excellence.

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Carole Martin’s Sensible Panties For Men

sensible lady panties for men

Carole Martin sounds like a sensible sort of woman who wears sensible panties, and if you’re a sensible sort of man you might enjoy these panties as well. They’re also no doubt useful for pretending to be sensible. Tasteful herringbone fabric flanks smooth expanses of soft microfiber, making these panties comfortable, stylish, sensual, and of course, sensible.

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Go Bottoms Up With Calvin Klein

calvin klein bottoms up panties

What’s better than a pair of Calvin Klein panties? A trio of them. These Bottoms Up panties come in a three pack (or, put another way, are currently 3 for $30), which is not only economical, but bountiful. They come in three colors, namely Black, Buff, and Catwalk. Only one of those words usually refers to a color but we know what they mean, don’t we? Sort of anyway. Euphemism for beige is what ‘Buff’ is, and ‘Catwalk’ is a pun for animal print. That’s right panties with puns. I think that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

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Designer French Panties, La Redoute!

french lace panties

Bonjour mes amours! Today we have some foreign flavor to our panty selection, a gorgeous blue number from France. Stunning tulle tanga panties featuring embroidered lace with a touch of European elegance. These panties are so French that their sizes run one smaller than usual US sizes. Because the French love to be difficult. And to be metric. And to host the most musical rebellions of the modern age.

I’m no French speaker, but according to Google translate, Redoute translates to Redoubt which is a kind of fort. If a man’s home is his castle, then his panties surely are his fortress, no?

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Hanky Panky Copper Filigree Panties

copper panties for men

Ever wish your panties had something a little more elemental about them? Hanky Panky has taken their soft lace fixation a little further and added copper to the mix with these filigree design undergarments. These stunning panties will have you running your fingers over them all day long, potentially distracting you from less important things than lingerie. Which is most things.

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Stella McCartney Panties For Men

stella mccartney panties for men

When the daughter of a Beetle makes some panties, I guess you better wear them. Assuming the price tag doesn’t send your credit card crawling into the depths of your panty drawer for refuge. Stella calls these panties ‘giggling boyleg’ panties, and though I have no idea what that means, I do know that they have a bohemian lace styling and a minimalist cut which will probably please a lot of panty wearing men.

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