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He Wears Panties Book Update :D

This update is for everyone who has sent in a picture and / or paragraph about their love of lingerie. Thank you so much! If you’re still considering doing so, there is plenty of time. I don’t have a close date for submissions yet, so there’s time to set up some selfies and wax lyrical about lingerie.

Since the last update I’ve received quite a number of submissions for me to look through, I hope to reply to everyone, so stand by!

If you’re not familiar with the He Wears Panties book project, you can learn more about it here and here.

Giraffe Panties For Men With Long… Necks?

giraffe panties for men

At first I was midly mystified by the print of these panties, but then I realized that they are reminiscent of that most elegant of animals, the giraffe. They come in a range of colors, purples, reds, pinks and more, so you can be any kind of giraffe you want to be. You can even get into duelling by swinging your long neck and banging your head against things. If that’s what you’re into. Or you can just enjoy these very economically priced natural fibre panties.

Click here to check out the full range of breathable colors here, for animal comfort of the highest order!

Heidi Klum Has Panties For You

supermodel superpanties

Heidi Klum is a super model and these are super panties. These gorgeous lace thong panties come with an undulating plethora of blue lace besieging a stormy dapple gray center panel. Your underwear is become weather, blue skies and summer rain taking place beneath whatever outer clothing you happen to have donned. Hand wash these delicate panties for best results. (And probably don’t put them in the dryer, unlike the author who just shrunk a pure wool sweater down to a size suitable for small dogs.)

Click here to explore further super panty delights in greater detail!

Three Pairs of Silky Panties. Three Pairs.

panty 3 pack of silky delights

What’s better than one pair of silky panties? Three pairs of silk panties at half price. These shocking pink panties are waiting for you with two of their best friends. So you have back up and back up back up panties. For occasions where multiple panties might be needed. I’m getting the tingling sensation of an end of line product with these, so you might need to act fast if you want some. Or act slow and see if they’re still there next year. I’m not in charge of you.

Click here to check out this three panty deal!

Get Your Panties In A Bunch, Ruched Bikinis

ruched hot bikini panties for men

Ruching. There’s a word you don’t hear every week. The soft little gathering of fabric makes what would be a perfectly normal and serviceable pair of bikini panties something special. These panties are titled ‘American Beauty Logo Burnout’, but you can also get them in Americana Feeder Stripe and Denim Logo Burnout. If you want to know what these panties look in this range of idealistically titled styles, click here to check out these designer bikini panties, fresh for summer!

He Wears Panties Book Update

As promised, this is an update on the progress of the He Wears Panties book project I mentioned here . So far we’ve had some great submissions, but we need many more.

To make a submission, either send a paragraph as to why you love wearing lingerie, or why wearing lingerie is important to you, to . We are also asking for pictures, however pictures must be high resolution, tasteful, and in focus. Selfies are okay, but please consider whether your picture is print-ready before sending it to the same address.

Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far! More updates to follow.

Calvin Klein Coastal Panties For Men

coastal delight panties for men

Calvin Klein can always be relied upon for something different. These panties are different, evoking the majesty and relaxation of the coast with blue lace leg hems representing the rushing waters of the ocean, and a fascinating sand wizard motif covering the main body of these panties. (The motif may actually not be intended to be a sand wizard, but that’s what I’m seeing. These are the panty equivalents of a Rorschach test.)

If you like the style, but want to see these in a peach, or pale blue mesh, or any one of a myriad colors and styles, you should click here to feed your eyes with panty delights!

Wacoal Women’s Awareness Hi-Cut Panties

wacoal panties for men

Do you like your lingerie to have an awareness of woman? Can you imagine what that might entail? According to Wacoal, it is a gorgeous pair of pink panties with leafy rose motifs cut in a full brief style. There’s a myriad of of colors to choose from, shimmering pastels all of them, matched with a delightful mesh waist, a subtle piece of lingerie innovation.

Click here to check out the hot range of Wacoal panties and gain greater awareness of womanhood…

Let’s Make A Book

Okay, so, as you may or may not be aware, a book is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time. However, with things being as they are and having a difficulty finding a specific focus, I’m afraid although I have written quite a number of pages, it never really felt like the book I thought it should be. However, a year ago, one of the forum members, BaliHigh suggested a photo picture book. And that idea has galvanized me, because I feel a picture book would be truly representative of the community, and not me espousing my opinions, which I feel I’ve done more than enough of over the years.

So here’s what I’m interested in doing. If you have hi-res, high quality and tasteful pictures (not looking for anything x-rated) of yourself wearing lingerie which you would like to be included in the book, please send them to BOOK@HEWEARSPANTIES.COM along with a paragraph about what wearing lingerie means to you. The object of the project is to share the beauty of men wearing lingerie, so although pictures will necessarily be intimate, they also need to be artful. The book will not be designed to be titillating in nature, rather to step over the other side of the pantyline and show lingerie from another perspective.

I’m looking for a great many contributors on this project. And, because we need to set dates for these things to make sure they happen, I will update this main site on the 20th of the month to provide a status on the progress of the book, and every week thereafter until it is complete. Obviously, this project depends on He Wears Panties readers and supporters to make this happen, however, so this is contingent upon reader response. If you do decide to submit an image, anonymity will be strictly preserved in all cases, and I will require a release to publish the photos in the book when it is ready.

Make Your Backside A Feature Presentation…

simplicity panties for men

I love these panties. I love. these panties. Love them. They’re gorgeous, with a truly innovative rear design complete with frills, lace, ruffles and mesh. These panties are an event, perfect for the bedroom and private fun times, with a hint of retro rockabilly and all the modern allure of ultra stretch nylon and spandex. You’ll spend some serious time admiring yourself in the mirror once you’ve slid these panties on. They come in a wide range of colors, from the raunchy red pictured above to a restrained beige, a gorgeous green and more…

Check out these panties in a rainbow range of colors and adorn your ass!

Bronze Times Panties For The Molten Man

bronze times panties for men

Sometimes I worry that I’ll run out of panties to write about, and then I find panties like these. Panties so thoroughly out of left field that I would never have seen them coming in a hundred years. And that’s because these panties claim to be from the Bronze Age, which was from 3000 to 2400 BCE.

I’m pretty sure if you look at these panties and squint you’ll see a boat. That’s how wild and subversive their designs are. The madness is tamed with a hint of lace and a neat brief cut which fulfils ultimate comfort function while making a mockery of form.

They come in a four pack for less than nine dollars, you don’t need an abacus to work out that’s a good deal!

These are panties for the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Click here to feast your eyes on the full range! (There are more, so many, many more.)

Happy Half Year! Panties To Celebrate :D

classic hot panties

It’s somewhere near the middle of the year, and that means panties. Full panties. Panties which hide everything, including your belly button. Panties which won’t let you down no matter the season or the decade. Panties with style, substance and no obvious political affiliation. Vanity Fair is a staple of many panty wearing men’s wardrobes, and for good reason. These panties are tried and true, soft, smooth, sensual and waiting to take your call.

Click here for more such panties!