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Still here for you, oh ye who wear lingerie…

It’s been a wee while since I posted, and I just wanted to let you all know I haven’t gone anywhere. It’s nice to get a bit of a break away from the interwebs once in a while, but I have been recieving lots of comments on the articles on hubpages and a few sweet emails and it is really good to see that these articles do make a difference for some men. So never fear, there will be more articles celebrating men who wear lingere in the not too distant future! In the meantime, why not go check out ‘1 Year of Men In Lingerie’, a link to the old blog which, in turn, has links to lots of which might be relevant to your interests. At present I think there are close to 150 articles that I have written on the topic on hubpages, so if you’re new to my writing, there’s plenty to discover!

Keep wearing those panties, bras, stockings and other lingerie delicacies men!



Lingerie For Man Geeks

If you’re duel weilding the kinks of women’s lingerie and World of Warcraft, then this article is for you. We explore the types of lingerie most suited to those who play World of Warcraft, and other MMO’s. It’s the essential guide to the seedy underpants of the essential game.

Lingerie FTW!

Check out the specs on this lingerie…

Four Must Read Articles For Men In Lingerie

As you may have been informed, 2009 is lurking around the corner like a super smart missile. Make this year your year of lingerie, and get the ball rolling with these lingerie pieces guaranteed to inspire and delight. (Or your money back.)

We enter a journey of lingerie self discovery with the deep and incredibly meaningful article You Are Not Your Panties

Then we move on to identifying what sort of man in lingerie you might be with the insightful and spiritual What’s Your Lingerie Totem?

I get real profession specific with this advice for men in the mechanical trades: Lingerie For Male Mechanics

and last, but hardly least, I ask the difficult question: Have You Been Caught Wearing Women’s Lingerie?

How Wearing Lingerie Can Save A Man’s Life

The label ‘men’s lingerie’ covers a wide range of undergarmentry ranging from silk boxers to bras designed for the male figure. An interest in men’s lingerie is an interest in clothing the male body as comfortably and sensuously as the female body is often clad. And why not? It is indeed a cruel and arbitrary fashion trend that has relegated men to second class cotton wearers.

From the sweet feel of satin, to the saving of lives… Click here to read more!